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as John said my name is Michael shadi I'm from Chatham originally I now live in Toronto but I was delighted to be asked to come back to Chatham to perform for you today I'm gonna mostly perform I'd also like to do a small amount of speaking about the subject one subject that is quite dear to me songwriting and of course I'm gonna demonstrate a little bit of my own songwriting so but let's get to some music the the first song I'm gonna play for you is the title track of my latest album it's called turn back the Vikings now this song came about as I was thinking I was thinking about the nature of the music business and the tumult that has ensued since the late 90s when we all remember when Napster came out and this started the on online downloading trend and the song turned back the Vikings even though I'm a history major it's not a historical tune the Vikings the pillaging Vikings of this song are actually a metaphor a metaphor for for any of us who've gone online and consumed art but perhaps not paid for it the key line to listen for is in the third verse when I talk about I say to somebody you drink well water from the tap and then you piss into the well out back we left iran's and it falls when they eat it given the shape turn back the Vikings here comes your show from bygone days we see yourself the film's you made I love the moly cries McCreight from sound about that's why I said them mouth I can see a man what's mine is yours I'm from turn back the Vikings you're not a thief you only take steel the works priceless so can it for nothing's I see now you drink water the tap and you piss into I see how this ends lady turn back the Vikings thank you how many people here know what or could answer the question what is the most common subject matter in all of popular music should be fairly obvious you can shout it out if you know love thank you now why would that be the most common subject matter I wonder probably because it's in most people's lives one of the if not the most important things you fall in love you get married perhaps a divorce or two it's the it's really the central theme of human existence and it's fitting then that a lot of song writers tackle this subject matter the problem is it's ground that has been plowed so many times that it becomes increasingly difficult if you're not aware of this problem increasingly difficult to write something about love that is fresh and approaches the subject matter from from a new angle it's hard to do I'm not saying I've accomplished that but with this next song that was my intention the song's called if I find love and leave it be and the song is is is about a character who we've all heard the expression it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all this character in the song I wrote thinks the opposite better never to have love than to love and and risk losing it all and for the first couple of verses you'll hear the character is essentially trying to justify his own romantic cowardice he walks into a forest he sees this this woman from afar and he falls in love with her on the spot and what's more he thinks that she has also fallen in love with him from a distance nothing remotely creepy about that by the time we get to the chorus he's talking about the lyric goes call me crazy a coward maybe I'm sure I caught her kiss upon the wind and is it a sin if I find love and leave it be well this this character you might think that the song is going to end badly however unlike many of my songs it has a happy ending because it turns out the woman who is his target actually really did fall in love with him as well and she's the bold one she comes to him and so in other words he's gotten very lucky literally perhaps figuratively this is this is one of my favorites of the songs I've written for my new album it is available here by the way out in the lobby this one has a Celtic flavor it's called if I find love and leave it be I love everybody singsong night need to transcend me I heard the poem the one she wrote till necklace tried to speak we didn't have to it's a word when horizon crazy cow if I'm loved and lead people to see little problem I hear you say you're just a dream and I resolve to keep it safe is sure to stay can I walk into the forest in every bird sing a song for her and I'm not to tap on my shoulder she's just hello and by chance have you now she the song but it has roots II blues infusions shall we say and once again it's about that most famous and and most popular subject matter for music it's about a woman and I have no real claim for originality on this one but it's just a song I liked it's called honey doll ow baby don't you trip and you're breaking my every heartbeat ow shame I said those legs and lips enjoy sweet don't attempt it so bloody wounds ha stop the flow just like a river it's a brain drain thanks very much everyone

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