Entertainer "Kel Mitchell" at the 2019 NHL Awards Trophy red carpet

nice to meet you how excited are you to be here right now this is one of the just most fun carpets it's awesome awesome carpet man amazing players and kinas like my brother man so it's super exciting to see him up there hosting this is big it's huge they're gonna be his biggest supporter of course I'm be like if you could host any award show what would it be any award show let's go big let's go to Oscars let's go let's go big you know okay so do you have to start up your monologue right now let's get it let's get to work on man you know I mean let's say okay if you were to play for a hockey team I want to know what team and put you on the spot right now mmm it would be either the Blackhawks or at st. Louis need to be wanted of it about position Oh position oh I don't I don't know coach do you want me to might drop it I want to get trouble


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