good morning okay excuse me excuse me I'm here through the invitation of the headmaster this time a pinky red and I'm so grateful for that okay neither am i here to speak about music but in fact I am just here to give you a brief just a small motivation in terms of life under that so now I'm going to ask one or two very silly questions but very important questions and if I can grab munaruna to Muslims as you know Robin did you answer that and your name more than two pairs of boots on their boots and I more than two pairs of boots and I do they are silly but I reported my business okay okay okay okay yes reporters our roots our Antigonish is silly but she is usually very important or Anika tendrá doubles out to be a TV radio and I said like TV okay okay when we play on a multi maybe like for example come on the dingoes coral the beige coral or share school fees which college essay okay but the channel gumboot or an empire but everything life is not about you even touch their eyes now bounce at them that was what about where you're coming from I'm gonna own a TV Angela rubber on it two pairs of boots only six and again but they are Nene life life is what about where you're coming from but life is about where G you're going and it again so now where you are going also and Jessica should important but it's very important was the way I'm going for them Haga there are regular and that already book is very important that's the put in the levant way I'm going I'm gonna pass a string a balanced organism but the way I'm going is the mind about where you are now and is ago so I'm taking us subject a nice at the present G at the present moment underwater sorry it's a doubt you know terror Arizona mateship and water we would tell aerosol woods what will manager who would we tell follow which would form tools on the telephone to Louie there and it's again besides or follow with and a Santa quality way and about energy almost she guns gonna and then Drago and what I like is you know soon no water manometer at a super super he was do what I would say I'm super afraid that I don't wanna see my watch to platinum when the contained also NATO got clawed field since yesterday I'll see you analytical but he let's reboot our Jigga uber nominee are to cut arezzo I tell you just manner even after five years you are the listener to did a very important life good life is up it's a struggle life is not a beggar it's not someone with zero and Allah but I tell you five years from another computer I suppose Omega see another one I come here but do guitar FF years from now until that sir follow GSD novel solution set up it will make a difference and again sandwich array in terms of my parting shot and Z to launch our first doctor a guy a cotton or mittens and George let's do it can you go back a few days in trim quick on dreamtone okay go wash got to two words with other that's tiga and honesty goes to get you the ball she got watching our to always be a good job state from Canada bazinga develop for an overpowering and water so life champion who stood about way I see we are coming from I would rob and it again if I were super Tarasova but washer the pistol are who you keep up so to the dollar so it is you know by my opposite African cheetah vs moon draw my pistol art or economic government same same anything but if I steal my show another when episode are stranded with us a share each other Tiger power epub Angela statement one statement that any bits randomly flower water that's me the stickman I wrote on Instagram I'm still achieve a parabola by passing also imagine Tate what did I make this shot [Laughter] would reproduce it when you are anger out there are three and it enough I didn't do that our movement or another whether you think you can or you can't a the way you are right could do it women either way either way whether you think you can or you can't hate the way you are right whether you think you can or you can't hey the way you are right Julia my parents really and these are today I met the devil religion okay I can explain at Ithaca but whether you think you can Anika super dragon compensation apostle Torah [Laughter] okay it's Riga I'm not aware that you think you can on this guy or you can turn it up and you forgot you were you can origin but you can't enter them and away your rights what does that mean and if you think you can you will and it if you think you can't you want so it's about believing in yourself and you go so believe in yourselves and again thank you [Applause] and examine my language and I today we got a problem we are come out today but feel what I wear boomer yarmulke how far a timber Busey someone I will [Applause] you


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