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[ENGSUB]YueHua Entertainment CEO talk about IDOL PRODUCER

I am glad Ms Du Hua accepted this interview First of all, say hello to our audiences first Hello everyone, I am CEO of Yue Hua Ent, Du Hua Even though you are a boss of on listed company, but you are quite famous these days You even have a fan page that created by your fans, did you saw that? Yes, I saw it How you feel about that? I saw a lot of fans diss me over there and commented a lot Actually , I followed all the issues they mentioned in private messages I also know that because Yue Hua have many idols now especially your faves you guys will be more concerned them I appreciated that [What make you start your carreer in entertainment industry?] Firstly, I love this industry Secondly, I like to stick with the young artists and colleagues to do some things meaningful Afterthis programme, Yue Hua had been entered public’s eyesight [Can you introduce how Yue Hua Entertainment look like?] Yue Hua Entertainment mainly focus on agency that including music, drama ,movies, variety shows And I know that because ofYue Hua became more famous than last time Many people like Yue Hua 7 Boys through this programme [Any special cultures in company?] Yue Hua is a young company Average age of our company is around 27, 28 and I am a entrepreneur that born in 80s I might be more open minded [What your criteria when selecting an artists?] When coming to select an artists in Yue Hua First we will see his personality because I think an artist need a heart that will appreciate When training an artist, lets say a group from audition to training to debut atleast 3 to 4 years is needed then introduce to the market then collect back the money that invested need 6 to 7 years Hence, agency and artists are helping each other need to create bond trust between them and idea of long lasting partnership Secondly, will consider the beauty level and skills of dancing and singing [Do you feel stressful?] Every company are stressful too For Yue Hua, we only started trainee program and run idols artists after 2010 During these years, I think faith is the best the persistence remains until today Today, many people thinks that Yue Hua is on fire this year Why trainees from Yue Hua able to reach top tier includingThe strategies for Yue Hua in&is 1+2+5 strategy 1 mentor and 2 trainees that had been debuted or exposed then 5 trainees that not yet debuted or exposed That’s why when watching, we can see Cheng Xiao ZhuZhengTing and Justin then add FanChengCheng them 5also the same UNIQ WangYiBo then WJSN Xuanyi& MeiQi then 5 trainees the whole strategy is planned by our company [Any hard time for you in these years?] For sure there is hard time Because inside UNIQ there is 3 Chinese and 2 Korean We built them using 3 and half years including debut is 2 years Actually the strategy of company They are our first group We had invested a lot of manpower and resources to do such things During that time, I am too deep for tears [What advantages YueHua trainees over others?] I think that when trainees of Yue Hua including artists of YueHua going outside Everyone would feel they are humble and polite I think that professional level and completion level are higher during events Hence this is gaining of artists & trainees of YueHua for so many years Because we spent a lot of energy and time for training and audition Like YueHua trainee, we pick 2-3 from 1000-2000 after chose as trainee he need to weekly test, monthly test, season test, half year test, annually test Failing any test, he might get eliminated Because training in Korea is harder, 14-16 hours per day Some of them cant stand it and will give up So became trainees of Yue Hua are sort of lucky [Will you control body weight of artists? ] Yes, because I think appearance and self control are important for artists Including their trainee period, they have to weight before having their meals and weight again after meals [FanChengCheng grew 12kg in] During his trainee period, under agency control, never happened once Agency also told him to maintain body weight to last time before 6 April [Seems like Yue Hua doesn’t have their own show or programme even though Yue Hua have the resources. What do you think about that?] Because strategy and development of every company are different I saw a lot comments on Yue Hua 7 Boy Like why not put some daily more materials I want every things publish are quality and ready. If it is not ready yet, I would not publish it We will have 1 to 2 group variety show in this year and programme like music showcase let artists from YueHua or other agency have a platform and chances to expose themselves [What is the most remembered comment in internet?] Because I know fans loves idols I know their feelings I think they need to control their
words and deeds During ZhuZhengTing birthday, there many negative comments and candles on internet I think this considered hurtful for a kid hurt on feelings Hence , our agency had released a statement about that I think this kind of internet violence, so called ‘Keyboard Warrior’ Actually everyone are responsible in this society I hope they more tolerant against those kid especially who are not debuted yet or still underaged more caring for them so that the society became more harmony [You think build a idol should follow the trend or different from them?] I think the timing is important Like Yue Hua 7 Boy this year is right on the time joined thewhich is viral now they are able to expose in public including trainees that not famous through this show let other know them [Which artist in your agency wheedle the most?] I think all of them are still okay FanChengCheng Justin [Please share how you interact with your artists] Like Han Geng this kind of artists call me as Jie(Elder sister in Chinese) HuangZheng call me Mei(younger sister in Chinese) some more UNIQ, WJSN, YueHua 7 Boy call me Mama Du Firstly, they trust on me Secondly, YueHua is Yue Hua Family In Yue Hua, there is home like feeling We treat those kid including the employee as family member [Would you consider to debut Yue Hua 7 Boys?] Yes [Do you have thought to debut?] Never ever There is 3 groups will be debuted in this year including Yue Hua 7 Boys including trainees that joinThey will debut in this end of year Girl group inAdditionally, in Korea there isthis year There are 3 trainees participated there also I will give away Yue Hua 7 Boys tour concert tickets generously 5 tickets per concert for fans Hope you all can pay attention to our Yue Hua artists Yue Hua will not let you down and treat and train your idols Hope them can become mainstream in future 3-5 years or inside10 years They will get better and better

  • “3 groups in our company will debut, including Yuehua 7 Boys, including trainees that joined Produce 101.” OMG OT10!?!?!?!? 😭😭

  • Thank you for english subtitle so i can know more about Yuehua Ent.Sometime it's hard finding info about Yuehua because all of them in China.I interest in Yuehua because trainee on Produce 101 season 2.And i watch Produce 48 and now Produce X.Their trainee has high quality and good attitude from what i see.And i think they has high potensial become big agency in Korea like Woolim maybe?I hope they can take care of their artist in Korea too.Even slowly,but if them give more better promotion their artist become popular too…

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