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SOUTHERN METROPOLIS ENTERTAINMENT Q & A Hello everyone I’m Xiao Zhan. Now I’m going to take Q & A from SOUTHERN METROPOLIS ENTERTAINMENT. What key word can be added after “XZ” that will be on hot research Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan Xiao Zhan shock Oh wow. Who has a higher place at home, you or Nut? Nut, seem to be Nut. Ah, the last time I went home, it seemed that he was in a higher position. How do you respond to netizens that they say you always lose at rock scissors paper game. This is a probabilistic problem. OK? What insurance would you like to buy? life Do you post often or not on moment (wechat post) I usually don’t post stuff. Unless I really really feel like posting it then I will. What kind of fan are you, Buddhist-style(casual and calm mindset) or Business type? Business type, yes, Business type Have to choose one between Sponge-Bob and Spider-Man. I choose Spider-Man. What dish are you good at making? A lot Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, Sliced meat in Hot Chili Oil Sliced beef in Hot Chili Oil All Sichuan cuisine. Anything you want to do but dare not to do? What I want to do but dare not do Diving But I’m not afraid, just want to try it. Which one is more unacceptable, getting far or bald? WOW you’ve gone too far. Let me think Which is more unacceptable? Of course bald. Your favorite nickname given by your fans? nickname, Zhan Zhan Would you look up your name online? Yes Why do you use $ as mosaic in your photos? It’s because everybody thinks my signature looks like the word “have money” (XZ肖战 有钱Rich). So to have money. Do you still use the god of fortune as your phone wallpaper? the god of fortune, Yes What will you say to yourself from 10 years after? How old will I be ten years later? 38 Hmm Ten Years later Wishing you success in your career Successful Career Everything is going smoothly Be happy Full of happiness ok What do you want to say to fans? You guys are so good. I like you guys very much. Friends of SOUTHERN METROPOLIS ENTERTAINMENT Hello everyone I’m Xiao Zhan. What part does WWX touch you the most? I think it’s his kindness. Then he persistent. I think this is the most touching part for me. He’s been sticking to doing what he felt was right. Even he is discarded, not being understood by the world. He’s also insisting. There’s BTS about you crying while reading the script, do you remember what plot it is? Oh, that. That’s actually the first day I met Shijie, Met Xuan Lu who plays Shijie. And then that afternoon we read the script together, reading the section of Jiangcheng losing Golden Core. Then I said to Shijie I wonder if all this is really my fault, as Mrs. Yu said. I caused this. That was the scene. And then that scene Shijie and I just couldn’t help We two were crying. Actually, the camera didn’t film Shijie, Tears were running down on her cheeks too. That feeling is subtle. In fact, it is. It’s delicate. Just like two people. The feeling is there What scene did you make the effort most and what scene you expect the most? Actually, I think Qiongqi Road, that scene, It really impressed me. It’s when I saw Clan Wen Including Wenning. After being mutilated That reaction That anger Actually, that scene really impressed me. Then there’s another one where Shijie passed away. I was also impressed. Because I shot twice. We waited till like 5 or 6 a.m. the first time, They needed that warm light of sunrise. So we waited until five or six in the morning. The first time of filming that scene I just didn’t feel enough. So I took the initiative to talk to Director, Can we film it again? Then the director felt OK Respected my choice And then we filmed it again. Then the second time I think it’s much better than the first time. Because all kinds of emotions were in place. Crying scenes have drew a lot of attention, any performance skill on that? Actually, my friends around me are more interesting. Then ask me directly What eyedrops do you use? How do you do it so naturally? Actually, it’s Mmm. You’re asking me to think about it now I think I can only say at that time. I was involved in that situation and in that role. Because we were, in fact, at that time. to understand WWX crying and not crying We had a long argument with the director. To discuss Is WWX such a crying person? But then we came to the conclusion that Because it is presented as a 3D, a living person. What in front of the audience is the actor himself. So follow your feelings. You feel He can All that he experienced at this time You can sympathize with him. You can feel what he’s going through. You feel that needs to be seen by the audience. Then you do it. So that’s one of the things I’m grateful to the directors and producers. They will Give the actor a space of his own an advise So if you ask me How can I cry at once? It is not like that. It’s actually because of that scenario. It needs it. Then I think he needs to cry, too. So it’s a natural presentation Have you experienced the feeling of hard to come out of the character? In fact, I have. It was the time just after the shooting was done. I was a little bit Not quite able to walk out. Well, then friends suggested, go out for a tour and take a walk. Take it easy Then gradually it will be better. But in fact, I feel the fastest way to walk out is Go play the next drama You’ll be right away Get into the state of the next play Do you think you characters have changed after interpreting this role? I think it will, When I meet some friends Including when I met with CQL’s producer, Miss Yang Xia, when we met chatting, she would feel You seem to have changed. You don’t seem to be the in same state as we were filming CQL. Actually, I think therefore Different roles in each play They’ll have impact on the actor. That state, that period of time You’re in the state of the role. Many audience like your acting, but some think you were intentionally being cute at the beginning, what do you think? In fact, we were also thinking about the extent of being lovely at first . But what we thought was, now that he will change Three changes. Let us bring him to the extreme. Of course, I admit that maybe it’s because, after all, I’m a newcomer actor. And then I accept all the shortcomings you pointed out to me. Also when I watch it now I think Now if let me be A teenager in the early stages of the show A carefree state I can do better. Because at that time, after all, experience may not be so mature. So there are some flaws in the performance. But I think I don’t think there’s any excuse. because I tried my best during that period of time. This is the result of my efforts. So what you see I accept both good and bad reviews. Then Improve it. What part is challenging for you being WWX? Actually, I think there are challenges at every stage of WWX. Including when he was a teenager. He is uproarious. His thinking, it can be said to be very, very jumping. You talk A to him He may already have left A behind. so so he is smart and curious and naughty. How do I interpret him? I discussed this the producer at that time If the performance is not good, it will be greasy. It makes audiences feel like… So in fact We were also talking about this degree. How to be likeable How can you make the audience feel he is cute. I like him. That was the early challenge. Later on How can the audience feel that he has changed? This change is not abrupt. It’s a A periodic one. A transition Not all of sudden The previous second I was carefree, and often laugh The next second, he became a very powerful Yiling ancestor. So I think there’s a process. How to control this process How to transit through eyes In fact, this is also my difficulty. Including late stage of LaoZu time Another acting I wanted to make was WWX’s early days When I talk to others Including Shijie and Jiangcheng, LWJ I look directly at their eyes Because that’s what teenagers are like. No secrets and worries. I tell you what I tell you. When it comes to ancestor period, In fact, at that time, he has so many things in his heart. But there is no way to say. This is a stage of forced growth. So when he was looking at people at that time. Actually, I look sideways. I won’t look you in the eye. For example, when the LWJ appears I’m basically squinting. or Jiangcheng I squint at him Only Shijie During that period Shijie encouraged WWX in the play. Others ask me why I don’t bring my sword with me Shijie will say our Xianxian is terrific. Also at later stage WWX found out that LWJ showed understanding to him, I changed the expressions of my eyes. From an uncertain insecure sideways look to a straight look These little details are actually I developed it step by step in the performance. Review says XZ has a talent in acting, do you think you are gifted or you made effort. talent Of course I want to say I have talent. But when you look back at some of my previous works In fact, I was still relatively young at that time. less experienced then. At that time, it may be a dull muddleheaded state. So actually I think Talent I want to have it. But I don’t know if I have it or not. But I want to say that every actor actually has such a process. I hope people give new actors some encouragement for growth. Well, actually, I’m one of them. At the beginning of filming A year or two ago A muddleheaded state And now have a little understanding. Have some ideas of my own In fact, I think everyone will have such a state. therefore Anyway, I’m not the kind of actor who can achieve this state in one step. So I think maybe both talent and effort are needed. how do you understand word “actor”? What are the cultivation should one have? I think the basic cultivation of actors is actually to Do your job well It’s to do a good job of their own work Including performances actually I now see some comments towards new generation actors, doubting that Like their acting may not be very good. Or something like that. But I feel Actually, at least from what I’ve seen Including some young actors around me In fact, we all want to do it well. We all put effort into it. Then I hope you can see our effort and pushfulness as a new generation of actors. Then give us some time. I believe we can do better.


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