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[Engsub]Entertainment Online: Han Geng filming in Paris.

Next we’re going to look at the modern news. Han Geng had been to Paris for the Fashion Week. And he’s now in Paris again. But this time Han Geng was not an onlooker. He’s filming a Chinese-French co-production movie -Seek McCartney. Acting with the French actors, was Han Geng’s French good enough? And what would Han Geng do for the following filming for Transformer4? Let’s have a look When Han Geng was acting with French actors. The translator would stand by him and taught him about some key words. For him to make correct reaction. In this Chinese-French co-operated love movie called Seek McCartney. Han Geng as the male leader. How about his French? When there’re French lines. I would memorise them and be prepared. I had taken only one lesson. After that my tongue got twisted. Apart from the French lines. The temperuture in Paris fell toward zero Celsius. Which caused Han Geng a headache. It’s so cold. I couldn’t see the sunshine everyday. It’s the first day I see the sunshine here. About the roles and plots in Seek McCartney. Han Geng wouldn’t tell a word. The scene is I come to Paris to meet a friend. Who’s the female lead in the movie? I can’t tell you. After finishing the movie. Han Geng would go to Hollywood again for the Transformers. Although Han Geng is just a small role in the Transformer 4. He can visit the space which he has been dreaming of. That makes him excited. After the filming in Paris. I’ll go to the air station in Orlando. For a three-day training. And achieve a space project next year. Entertainment Online exclusively reported for you in Paris, France. Hope that space project can be achieved early.


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