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{Eng Sub}[121110] M.I.C. Interview @ e Live News Maker

We have a group of special guests today in our studio today, they are M.I.C. These five boys each has strong points, such as lyrics writing, song composing, Latin dance, hip hop and rap. And they really hot up our studio We are M.I.C. We are going to hold our first concert on 28th December this year in Beijing Worker’s Indoor Arena And the name of this concert is X-Party This fantastic dancing and singing group was debuted in 2010, which has already launched one EP and two albums so far And in this year they will be holding their first concert ever in life at Worker’s Arena where is an iconic place to many singers We are now the assistant concert supervisors, assistant concerts director and assistant stylists (←_←) I might change some lyrics just to better suit the atmosphere of the concert Over half ( of the concert ) tend to be dances (tracks) is already not enough time to rehearsal now M.I.C is excited when talking about their concert However, will this two-year old group able to have everything under control in an arena where accommodate more than 1,5000 audiences? Therefore, our PD prepared some test in order to test their emergency-dealing ability The test is called“revolve around it” and I will assign you different job according to your strength Hello, my name is giraffe, I am here today to sing a English song named 《NA NA NA》, u guy ready? We need to assistant Steelo a bit He is going to improvise a song and so we are going to improvise the accompaniment M.I.C.~~~~ Oh Oh Oh~~~ The most special episode of 《e live》is the visit of M.I.C. We hope you can join us at our X-Part concert Beijing Worker’s Indoor Arena on 28th of December Be there or be square

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