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(ENG SUB) Lee Naeun & Kim Youngdae cute moments at Gaon Chart Music Awards| “Who is Juda?” “My Girl”

Hello! This is April Naeun Hello! This is Actor Kim Youngdae How are you Oh Nam Ju? My Girl, how are you? Young dae’s lines is still cringy until now and there’s more cringe line “From now on, my only woman, YeoJuda” “Don’t get hurt without me knowing” “My woman likes strawberry” and there’s more, do you want to hear Ahh, please stop! YoungDae-ssi received so many loved from people as he played as Oh Nam Ju in Extraordinary You. For those who love my character and the director who made Namju, I’m so thankful. And for this special occasion, these people also get special attention this year. Yes that’s right. Let’s meet them who grab the spotlight. New Artist of The Year Gaon Chart Music Award, Congratulations ITZY Yes, Congratulations to ITZY! This time New Artist Physical Album. Fans at the audience : WHO IS JUDA? Fans at the audience : MY GIRL *look at them giggling!* New Artist Physical Album of The Year Gaon Chart Music Award, Congratulations Tomorrow By Together!


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