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ENG SUB [EPISODE] BTS( 방탄소년단) @Grammy Award 2019

Jimin : Everything, that’s not what matter. For what we in the US? Jhope Granma ? Jin : Grandy. Rm: Are you playing korean word game? Jhope : Do Re mi Gramyyyy RM : It is true that i still don’t know exactly what i’m going to say Jhope : Should we say “go to” together? JIN: “Go to” V : Namjoon-ssi, Namjoon-ssi. Jhope : “Go to” V : I have changed. I carry a book RM : What book is that ? JIN : You should read books with your heart. V : uhh.. RM: How much did you read? ( V buys books to read during flights to the US) V : I saw the first picture RM : Ah, picture. What kind of picture is that? JIN : Who drew it ? V: That is a self portrait [music] (Jimin wants Hobi hyung’s engagement) (Nice Hobi hyung reacts) Jhope : Am I not the only one playing with you? RM: Indeed, roomate. Jimin: Hyung, I love you. Jimin: We will go to the Grammy, but no one seems excited,so… RM : It was decided suddenly, so i still don’t feel (Members still feel surreal because of the sudden presence at the Grammy Award) Jimin : To be honest, I … RM : Honestly, I don’t feel it’s real Jimin : That feeling, that feeling Jimin: Grammy? Impossible … Jimin: Isn’t this like when we first went to Billboard? RM: I think when we step on the red carpet, then … Jimin: We usually feel it when we really get to the location and feel the atmosphere. Jimin: Same as a concert. Jhope: Doesn’t Grammy feel a little heavier? Jimin: This is heavy Jimin: Honestly, I dont know because we never been there Jimin: This is not a place we often visit. > .> > >> > >

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