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[ENG SUB] Entertainment Focus: Special Preview: When Hearing Them on Stage, I Couldn’t Help Crying

During the concert, when everyone is calling your name, what do you feel? I would be moved a lot Since the first year, at backstage I wasn’t onstage yet When I was waiting for my turn By the edge, I already heard that the whole audience was calling Hua Chenyu, Hua Chenyu At that moment, I really wanted to cry Because from my perspective, the whole arena was awe inspiring So that feeling was really moving I would feel that So many people were gathered together because of me I would feel that to do this thing has a kind of heart warming feeling Really warm So we So before I got on the stage, I really wanted to cry before I got on stage That kind of crying is It’s not sad Instead, there is a kind of beauty in it Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs Subscribe for more translated videos of Hua Hua


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