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[ENG/SPA SUB] Entertainment Lab Interview-3 Hua Chenyu ll 娛情Lab華晨宇花絮 20190918

* Here comes the “Behind-the-scenes” * * Regarding the most interesting dream …..* Q: What the most interesting dream I’ve had? I was shooting a flying saucer I was holding a gun but the flying saucer was out of the effective range. I can’t hit it with my gun Then I looked everywhere for a plane I wanted to fly a plane to shoot it Then I woke up sweating Q: Posting a color selfie, winking at your fans and describing your fans in glowing terms For you,
which is the simplest way to give back to your fans Color selfie I can just turn a black and white selfie to color Or I can draw something on it then color it Don’t forget to do as you said
when you post a selfie next time Sure, no problem Q: Do you think it’s really hard to wink at your fans? What do you mean, what kind of wink? Just a “wink” wink It’s a little awkward
I have never winked at anyone Could you wink at the camera? * Never giving up his lamb legs
Hua Hua has a crush on greens * Q: If you have to choose one of the following activities to give up, eating roast lamb legs, stamping on a monitor speaker, tucking each hand in the opposite sleeve Which one would you pick? Tucking each hand in the opposite sleeve
I did that unconsciously So you really can’t give up roast lamb legs Lamb legs taste sooo good.
I can’t imagine life without it Any other food you like to eat? Barbecue, Hot pot Mala pot Spicy hot pot I started to eat some vegetables recently Vegetable salad with some vinaigrette Because previously,
I didn’t eat much I avoided all the spicy food I tried to cultivate a healthy body I avoided all the greasy, heavy food Then I tried the salad, it was very tasty
So I eat it often now *Was Hua Chenyu Stumped by his own song
? * Game instruction: Replace all the “I” and “You”
in the lyrics by Chinese Zodiac Animals.
Some animals can’t be used twice * Don’t care what the monkey thinks Pig has his own expression Don’t care dog’s opinion Rabbit’s world, Ox decides how flamboyant it is The horse doesn’t care how fancy snake talks The mouse doesn’t need to be preached by anyone Finally….. Oh my goodness
It’s too complicated Translated by Hua Chenyu Eng Subs
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