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Eng) 연습생, 퍼포먼스팀 오디션🎤(How to apply PNB Entertainment Audition)

Hello everyone I’m Sunny Kim, the head of PNB Entertainment We are planning an audition for an artist who will work with us to select the best talent to grow globally Our audition is open to all regardless of nationality, age, gender Please refer to the section below for more information on how to participate We’ll invite those who passed the first round of the audition and film them for the second round audition With that film, we’re going to do live on YouTube and AfreecaTV On the live show, will add the scores of viewers and judges, and those who are elected will be the main character of the pass There are special benefits here There will be 500 singapore dollars each for those who have won the dance team and those who have won the singing team There will be a special prize for those who won the first prize for voting And for those of us who have been accepted, we will be provided with a training system to help you grow into a global artist through a contract with our company Applications are due on March 31 I’m waiting for those who grow up as great artist with PNB Entertainment I expect your paticipations Thank you


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