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eNews – Special Collections and Archives Renovation

My name is Ellen Jarosz and I’m the head of
Special Collections and Archives at the Oviatt Library here at CSUN So Special Collections has a lot of the primary
source materials in the library a lot of those things..there might only be
a handful of copies in libraries in the whole world. And so they distinguish the Oviatt Library
in many instances because there are not copies sitting in other libraries around Los Angeles
or in the rest of California often times. And part of the reason there so important
for student learning is it means that students here at CSUN have the opportunity to work
with these things that a lot of other people would have a much more difficult time getting
to. Before we renovated Special Collections we
had pieces of the collection and staff persons and the department working on every single
floor of this building and so now since we’ve renovated after the renovation we were able
to pull all the staff together into a single processing room. We’ve been able to condense the collections
into just two rooms and the ASRS. So we started planning for the renovations
in earnest in early 2012, took a couple of years to get everything measured and organized. We did the construction work in two phases
but we were able to sort of finish moving into the space after the second phase was completed in summer
of 2016. I think the number one thing that I wish that
more students knew was perhaps obviously that we exist. But also that they’re welcome to come in at
anytime, a lot of the things in the department are pretty old and some of them are pretty
fragile and we do sort of keep an eye on them to be sure that they’ll be okay, that they’ll
be here for researchers to come later but that doesn’t mean that you can’t see it or
that we are going to tell you no if you come in and ask to look at something. You don’t have to have an assignment, classes
don’t have to be in session, people do sometimes come over the summer cause they heard about
something cool in a class and they just want to see it and I wish more people would do

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