E!News Miss J. Alexander at Euphoria Face and Body

another ANTM news that's America's Next Top Model to those of you who don't watch catwalk queen miss J is relaxing and giving up finale scoop symantec splints I'm hard as nails and that's why we love miss j I think I definitely my lovely person the resident diva of america's next top model is getting ready for tonight's big finale by pampering himself I'm just about to come in get my face off John by missguided to hate you for he was gonna make me look absolutely gorgeous and while he's getting gorgeous we're getting down to business trying to dig out some exclusive dish on who's gonna be the next top model where K girl yes oh that's fee if mistake hey cycle 7 finale is gonna be absolutely insane and yes it's gonna be out of control and I will not give the information away so you won't get it out of me oh come on Miss J hola que tal get ready it's gonna be look today when I still wrong but he will give you his opinion when it comes to the recent controversy of her models being too thin models do eat bearing a lot of precious they're gonna lose weight immediately it's 16 15 of course they're naturally bones and it doesn't take much for them to lose five pounds and look like they weigh 0 minus it's a tough business but Miss Jays got the tool to help the girls handle it well done welcome girls if you're not foot 9 and 10 foot six and ten for ten and you feel like a freak make your freakiness your fortune get more of Miss Jays advice on the americas next top model finale tonight on the CW that shot with the eye goggles laying on the spot table freaks me out alright that's it for today


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