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eNews: Linemen Lead Osprey Rescue

(upbeat music) – [Jordan] Protecting
birds of prey, has long been a
mission at Idaho Power. Other utilities
have even modeled our avian protection program. But employees don’t
often get the chance to rescue a raptor in distress. That’s exactly what happened
over labor day weekend, when foreman Chad Owens and
lineman Jeremy Torkelson, received an unusual call. – Osprey was hung up in
the nest that we built down at swan falls
and needed some help. Everybody’s down there
camping and was noticing it, so I wondered if we could
take a bucket down there and rescue the osprey
and see what we can do. – [Jordan] Robert
Scott, of Boise, was fishing with his wife
when he saw the panicked bird. He flagged down and Idaho
Power maintenance worker, who made the call to dispatch. – He was kinda going– He’d lift up out of the
nest, he was immature. You could tell. And he couldn’t go anywhere. And his parents were
shrieking and stuff, and going around in
circles and whatever. I was thinking, “How are
we gonna save this thing?” – [Susan] I just know I wouldn’t
want to be them right now. – [Jordan] Thanks
to Robert’s actions, Chad and Jeremy were
dispatched to the scene. They arrived to find a young
bird tangled in baling twine and unable to fly off it’s nest. After dawning protective
gloves and sleeves, the linemen ascended
to attempt a rescue. – And, I took the shirt and
wrapped it around the bird after it flipped upside
down and out of the nest. And then Chad was able
to cut its leg free from the baling twine. After we had that foot out,
the bird was still hanging on. The osprey was still hanging
on with the other claw into the nest and I had Chad’s
help to remove that claw. We were able to lift
him, set him in the nest, and away he went. – [Susan] There he goes. Yay! – I was like, “Alright,
here comes Idaho Power.” “Save the day.” Quite nice to have that
kind of resources available at your disposal out
there and do good with it. You know, get up there
with that big boom truck. The guys were great. – [Jordan] After
freeing the osprey, Jeremy and Chad cleared the
remaining twine from the nest and headed for home. The unexpected bird rescue
made for an unusual day. But the linemen were happy
to rise to the challenge. – [Jeremy] That’s one
of the great things I think is awesome about
working for Idaho Power, is just the fact that they care so much for their
customers, their community, their stewardship
for the wildlife and the habitat is
really impressive. – [Jordan] With
photographer Lon Vanwyck and featuring live rescue
footage from Robert Scott, this is Jordan Rodriguez
reporting for eNews. – [Susan] Thank you Idaho Power. (upbeat music)

  • Thanks for including this in the November Connections newsletter! That's the first I've heard of this rescue. What a good deed, and yet another reason to love our linemen who willingly put themselves in harm's way, every day.

  • Saving the Birds has been the mission of Idaho Power since the beginning when they hired Morley Nelson as their bird biologist. Keep saving the birds Idaho Power old Morley is looking down on you from the great beyond at each successful rescue keep fulfilling his work.

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