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eNews: Lights, Camera, Football!

(energetic, rhythmic music) (crowd cheering) – Football is one of
Idaho’s favorite pastimes. Every weekend, thousands of fans across Idaho
Power’s service area pack high school
and college stadiums to cheer their
favorite teams on. From tailgate parties to
highlight-reel touchdowns, there are many reasons
we love football. And with stadium
lights, the scoreboards, video equipment and
concession stands to power, electricity plays a key role
in bringing the games to life. This fall, Idaho Power worked
with Idaho State University on a major energy efficiency
upgrade at Holt Arena, home of the Bengals’
football team. The project replaced hundreds of outdated metal
halide and incandescent fixtures with LED lighting. An upgrade that saves ISU more than 1.1 million
annual kilowatt hours. That’s enough energy to power 102 average-sized
homes for an entire year. On November 20th, Idaho Power Major Customer
Representative Buzz Pfeiffer joined Regional Managers
Steven Muse and Bo Hanchey in Pocatello to present
ISU President Art Vailas with an incentive check
for more than $219,000. – Most of the use of Holt
Arena is through the community, and ISU is great
in the sense that it really likes the idea of partnering with
community entities. And certainly, these
people have been doin’ this throughout their business, and we’re very grateful
for that relationship. – [Jordan] Community
partnerships are important to
Idaho Power too. In addition to saving money
for the participating business, energy efficiency projects
like the Holt Arena upgrade help keep costs down for
all Idaho Power customers. – Yeah it’s a win-win
for Idaho Power, it’s a win-win for
Idaho State University and our customers in general. – [Jordan] Over the past decade, Idaho Power also contributed
to several football projects at Boise State University, including the Stueckle Sky
Center addition in 2008, two lighting upgrades
at Albertsons Stadium, and the 2014 construction of the Broncos’ new
Bleymaier Football Center. In total, those projects
saved Boise State more than 1 million
kilowatt hours per year. ISU was happy to join the list, becoming the latest example
of the work Idaho Power does to help communities
use energy wisely, and to keep the
bright lights shining on our favorite football stars. – Football does require
a lot of electricity. This project, not only they drop half
the wattage per fixture, they were also able to use less than half of the
number of fixtures. So that resulted in
an 80% energy savings, and that was a four-year
payback with a 25% ROI. So that’s a great project. – [Jordan] With
photographers Adam Eschbach and Lon Van Wyck, this is Jordan Rodriguez
reporting for eNews.

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