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ENews Fall Season Halloween

Want to be the first with all the latest
news I’m Lindsey Pepper and this is E News. There has been quite a few
contenders in the top spot of the TV lineup this fall as the first new show
to get picked up for a full season new girl star Zooey Deschanel. “Hey are you
gonna murder me cuz you’re a stranger I met on the Internet” “yes I am” “he says no
mom” while Fox may be foreseen a future with New Girl, The Simpsons underwent a
different treatment. Fans had a slight heart attack when an ultimatum of pay
cuts or resulting cancellation was issued by the network luckily we can
rest easy as the simpsons will return with treehouse of horrors 22 on Sunday
October 30th. “Mr. Mobs this is surface dweller here to see you my tunes user
jazz gal 62” although you may have been fooled by the name change to Steve Mobbs
the tech innovator and visionary Steve Jobs has had a lot more coverage as of
late due his unfortunate passing on October fifth 2011. He was well
recognized is not just an inventor holding over two hundred patents to his
name but as a maestro of micro. Speaking of Apple if you’ve been waiting for the
latest installment of the iphone it’s here in the form of iphone 4s it’s twice
as fast as the previous models with an eight megapixel camera sensor and an
ability to take pictures in low light an upgrade that users with older camera
phones can appreciate. So you just bought the new iphone 4s and you’re itching to
watch a movie on it you want to stream a Halloween flick but it seems like you’ve
already seen them all look no further than the third installment of paranormal
activity. It’s about two young sisters Katie and Kristi befriending a spirit
who resides in their home. If that doesn’t sound scary
I don’t know what does. Well that’s all the chilly news we have for today i’m
Lindsay Pepper and this is ENews

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