Energy Invasion Full Platinum Trophy Guide & Walkthrough

hello there fellow gamers and trophy hunters black vulture here and today I'm going to be giving you guys a platinum walkthrough guide for energy invasion now today I'm gonna be basically running through the trophy guide and also the trophies that you will be encountering in the game it's quite simple platinum actually as most of the trophies are required for completing the game so you don't have to worry too much bounce it that is one miscellaneous trophy called health pack but apart from that guys it's very easy platinum and miscellaneous trophy would probably be earned during your play for the game so if I've out 13 further ado let's get into the game okay so first up we have invasion mode although you can use the time stamps in the pinned comment below if you need to to take you to the endless mode or linear mode explanations however with this one you have the trophies for completing the first level which is called good start and then you have ones for completing them every five levels so you have one for completing every five levels so after the fifth layer and it will be good interception temp is intruders 15 is maneuver 20th is defense and completing the game mode is salvation so so after the first 5th 10th 15th 20th and completing the game mode you will have 6 trophies in total ok so with with the game in mind you were also encounter green enemies that will shoot red orbs at you now this is depending on if you put it on normal mode or easy mode now if you have it on easy mode then you have the enemies that shoot red orbs and if it all hits you you die one hit so in easy mode you wouldn't have that so if you want to just complete it for the trophies then just pull you're an easy mode okay and the trophies do unlock even if you start on normal and finish on easy so apart from that guys that's all there is for invasion mode now we're on to linear mode now again you don't have the trophy for completing the first level you only have it for completing the 5th 10th 15 20th and completion trophies now for completing five levels you will unlock trophy called parallelism and then you also have a trophy called linearity for completing level 10 a trophy called direction for completing up to level 15 strip for completing level 20 and persistence for completing leader near mode okay and of course in this mode the bricks will appear in a line and your goal is to you know basically destroy them as usual but unlike the other two modes you will also have to basically encounter with the fact that they will start to descend down the screen the longer you are in the level 4 so as you can see on screen guys they will actually be lowering down which will be pressurizing the player to you know sort of made the decisions more quickly and you know destroy the bricks more quickly all right so with this you can make quite a few mistakes considering that the bricks will start to come towards you and you won't have as much time to react to the origins of the ball or whatever okay so again you also have trophy every five layers as I said but one thing I will say though is start from the bottom as much as possible and then you can sort of work your way up as the Blue has the Brock's are going down so yeah that's the only tip like a release just for this guy's so yeah it's it's not that hard to do but it will take a bit more bit more patience but will perseverance than the other two game modes so instead of being on I'm going to allow the rest of you know the linear mode to play out and then I will explain more when we get to the point of where we introduce the endless modes you can also skip ahead in the guide if you need to to the timestamps listed below if you want to instead of walking through the rest of this guide you and here we are guys in the endless bode okay so in the endless mode again we have the trophies for completing every five levels so after completing five levels you will have the trophy called origin and then after completing ten levels he will have a tranquility after 15 levels you will have a diversity and then after 20 you will have patients after 25 you will have internal and the last trophy that you'll be earning in this one for completing 30 levels is infinity now I don't know exactly why the amount of levels you need to complete for this one are slightly different but I presume it's probably just to Pat out the gameplay a little bit and in this mode you can literally just go for on as long as possible as long as you want to so basically the layers are just endless you can you can just keep completing them to try and get the highest possible score or anything like that but you don't have to fill trophies you only need to go up to level 30 but I would suggest trying to play the game as early as possible so you can sort of have a go at trying to go to the top of the leaderboard as quickly as possible okay so and also this is probably the easiest mode in the game as the bricks don't actually move towards you like they do in linear mode and you can also play on easy again just like the rest of the modes so that the green enemies don't shoot red orbs at you so essentially you've gone forever collecting a ton of spare lives and all that but I kind of got bored in the later levels personally because it was just going on for so long and there's no real secondary attacks or anything like that that could have been a slight improvement to the game maybe some who let that so yeah but yeah as I said guys all you'd have to do is complete 30 levels in this one after that particular trophy actually pops you should have the Platinum after that so thank you so much for watching guys I've been black vulture I hope this guide helped you and if it did be sure to leave a like down below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want more trophy related concert in the future so thank you for watching and I'll see you next home you


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