Ender Dragon Egg TROPHY Update (Minecraft Crafting Recipes Comments #9)

hey what's going on guys log that zip here what is the ender dragon egg trophy Forks well it's to flex on noobs apparently and it's one of eight special new crafting recipes we have for Minecraft 1.14 a today special members-only comments the crafting video we show off poisoned bamboo blow guns pillows that can break your fall from incredible heights and even chicken nuggets best of all each one of these recipes was suggested by a member of the Lok dot zip channel so watch your comment turn into a real Minecraft update by hitting joining today alrighty so our first special members-only crafting suggestion comes from joy Potter who chicken nuggets yes I've been waiting for this moment just put a single piece of chicken in a crafting bench then get chicken nuggets you're a genius Joey how has no one thought of this look at it it's beautiful eight chicken nuggets oh look at them they're beautiful don't worry guys five-second rule okay so what's so special about them exactly huh well first of all they're not as filling as a full cooked chicken so if you were to take one whole chicken and eat that you get more hunger back than if you turned it into chicken nuggets so you'll want to keep that in mind however the chicken nuggets will give you slow falling for a few seconds so they're great for parkour situations I assume you harness the energy can within although he's a little dead now but it can only be eaten when hungry so be careful yes that's right and it's a good thing the nuggets aren't as filling because it allows you to use them to better address your needs such as oh you know long jumps whoa we fall just short without our chicken nugget friend however if we were to get our hands on one of these juicy nuts ah now look slow falling in fact you get a grand total of five seconds of slow falling six for every single nugget you eat but look at this you practically have to scar from down constantly it's kind of ridiculous I mean I'm not mad why wouldn't you want to eat a lot of chicken nuggets is that that's what we came up here for let's see if we can make it over to our next crafting recipe using just chicken nugget floating this is also gonna be great to keep with you if you've got any cliffs nearby your end cities for the end crystals etc but anyways our next recipe is from simply epic yeah who wants a blowgun craft with three bamboos diagonally well okay let's do it boom blow gun and this blow gun shoots dart which are made of one bamboo nice the blowgun is literally made out of its own ammo look at that we get one dart for one bamboo oh and we even get poison darts by using spider eyes let's see what this is all about huh oh yeah so we've got our ammo we've got our blowgun now let's use it you hold right click to get ready put your dart inside and then boom you shell out at but okay let's use it on some mobs so the regular blowgun does ok damage you know I've seen better but you can knock out a husk in just a few shots assuming you can hit him come on I'm trying to get the one already damaged – yeah I would say takes about three blow dart shots per mob take them out but hey why not use poison darts instead that makes things a little bit more on your favorite look at a bit she's poisoned and so the husk right the husk yeah they're getting poisoned – I was just making sure it seems as though the poison will only work if there's enough damage for them to take damage although in total fairness I don't believe that zombies can actually be poisoned anyways the creepers however definitely the case you'll also notice that when hit with the proper angle the mobs will begin to highlight on death an easier way for you to know where they are especially for you – this thing at night truly the best part of all its is a fantastic range weapon that only costs a bamboo to use it literally grows in the ground no survivors what's more you can actually pick up the darts once you've shot them similar to arrows you get it on the ground right there and look it turns right back into your dart next up on our list is phantom goggles courtesy of baseball three West and twelve they give you night vision in the top corner and live a blood craft recipe I'll save you some time here's how you make it phantom membranes redstone torches two glass panes for your phantom goggles these things cool-looking huh well kind of the reason these cool goggles here's the fact that you can use him you're keeping income ignite see like we just made it nighttime except we've got night vision on when we're wearing our phantom goggles and it doesn't and there check it out phantoms bond eggs ever see a phantom in game wearing the goggles they are now completely illuminated using the same glowing effect that you saw just recently Eve geez all right I'll be right back look at that you can see them from essentially everywhere yeah get it again I missed oh gosh oh boy today which means it's also way easier to collect more phantom membranes as you'll be able to see phantoms whenever they spawn in they mention how cool you look em now again I'd like to point out how cool these goggles are we're gonna have a pitch-black cave can't see anything wearing these goggles is like having infinite torches on you you don't got to worry about torches anymore you even get some decent armor bonus when you wear this as well so keep that in mind there's more to it than just finding phantoms sometimes you needed to find the food loot I don't know what I just said there next up is a pillow yes a pillow by Iain M it softens your fall and it's made with one bed and eight wool yes this is an easy enough one and I kind of like the idea of it as well how you gonna sleep without a nice pillow huh and by pillow I mean a bed covered in a pillows not to worry though it takes on a smaller shape once you've made it and you can place it on the ground too as we talked about soften your fall look at this we've got a nice little show-off area ooh now with no armor on this is a sure way to die however we've got a pillow at the bottom here and we don't make sure it happens Geronimo oops I should notice that you'll want to make sure you land on it it is smaller than a normal block so you'll need to do some careful there we go placement of yourself if you really want this thing to work get out of here I don't want your trades ridiculous I hey stop I stop I'm trying to climb my boy you can't reach me now Oh bid while they are still trying though that it I appreciate the dedication all right let's see if we can land while also dodging spit oh I got it nice all right just stop what's more you can even place the pillow on top of your bed look at that and now you've got a Fat Boy pillow look at this thing you can even make larger landing zones that will keep you a little bit safer from Falls combine that with some chicken nuggets and you're sure to land safely every single time next recipe piratehat an eyepatch courtesy of the weak pirate you should make a crafting recipe for an eyepatch as well as a pirate hat so the community can be pirates who would want to be pirates you wouldn't download a car huh well here's a recipe lead helmet feather leather pirate hat an eyepatch Oh me Davy Jones or something anyways check it out look cool your swashbuckling scurvy landlubbers okay gonna stop now when war and it gives you water breathing you can also swim a bit faster than normal that's right and we also get luck that's right lucky boy um Val is it gonna run out he's gonna run out is it gonna run out my luck ran out oh just kidding it's back look at this look at the speed at which we're moving right now we are going so quickly in this water it's kind of absurd oh you're gonna need this whenever you go swimming I mean it makes sense that a pirate would be really good at swimming you know BAM love it plus we didn't know having improved luck actually increases your chance at better drops when you find dungeon loot shipwreck loot etc etc but man do I love just the speed boost right now seriously even just walking watch this we're gonna count for 10 seconds see how far it is we get over here without go 1 2 I'll save you look I'm keeping track of it we're gonna make note of where we land after 10 seconds goes by right now and then we can see with the pirate hat so stop that's 10 seconds we made it right here alright now let's see what the pirate hat on ready go ok whoa picking up speed holy moly we're still going oh my god that is that's ten that's ten right there we completely cleared that we can barely see the sand block over there negative a boat with the chest courtesy of laurie bloom lee hey girl was good boat chess ah nothing more painful than wanted transfer many items across an ocean let alone a donkey who can't keep up with the fast horse and going the long way around via land well this is easy the recipe for this is simple you see the boat and you just and they get oak but with chess I got to do is place this thing in some water and you're good to go look you can get in your boat the chest comes with you you can store things inside it as well so we've got some things to store right here hmm all these goodies they all gots to go so all I got to do is right-click on top of your boat with chests and you can now move all of these things no problemo so we'll just empty out of that get back in our boat move right on over to this way and check it out boats with us so are the items I've actually made this before for another video in this video we made 15 new minecraft 1.14 updates on our own including boat chests but so much more so if you want to check it out you can click the I in the corner but Laurie this is a great suggestion the reason why there aren't boats in chests and boats today it's hard to tell I mean it makes perfect sense to me only two more members recipes this next one's statue is courtesy of Wesley Park a min craft statue three stone on top but rope in the middle and three stone on bottom that's right you can now celebrate your creeper head victory for the creeper head trophy your wither kills with a nether star trophy and heck if you're daring enough you could even turn your dragon egg into a dragon egg trophy and you can set these for display anywhere in your world look at these guys imagine having an awesome house or base somewhere where you can show up all your different feats of might and strengthen other big words no longer will people question if you killed the ender dragon melon said question why turned it into a stone trophy you know there's only one of them in game right to collect your trophy break the block underneath the trophy and you can claim it once again gimme maybe we'll change it so that you can mine it and you mind off the stone and then you get the item back that be cool in our final recipe my friends the time clock courtesy of enn you can make a special type of clock which can change time and survival minecraft for gold one redstone two redstone blocks and two daylight sensors crafted just like this to get your time clock using the time clock you can right click to turn the night in today but be careful it comes at a cost I'll show you the cost in a second for now it's night time booth Karia I'm gonna right click with my time clock and about a boom it is now once again day so what's the cost the cost is that mobs that usually burn in daylight will no longer burn so I'm gonna let some mob spawn in the dead of the night and see what happens – okay awesome looks a mob spawned over there so we're gonna change it to daytime you're gonna notice something they're all still hanging out nothing wrong with him except that they've got a red mark above this signifies that they are completely immune to normal daylight burning so you'll want to keep that in mind when you're using the time clock it will not keep you safe from mobs it will just bring the day once more ooh the mobs themselves however are the same difficulty level as normal zombies in this case they just don't burn so that's gonna do for today special comments the crafting recipes Members Only Edition pillows blowguns phantom goggles pirate hat an eyepatch oak boat with chest eye dragon head trophy berries other trophies time clock and of course my favorite the chicken nugget Hey makes you become a memories you got a chance to make your very own submission for the members only comments the crafting videos and of course leave a comment in today's video where you can have a chance at getting selected for one even if you're not a member thank you so much for watching especially our members in it and we'll see you later

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  • Laser Vision Goggles

    2 Ender eyes on the top corners, 1 iron ingot in the center of the eyes, and Redstone below the iron ingot

  • Here’s an idea: the holster. Would be crafted with 1 leather and 2 string. If you keep it in your inventory, you access another slot to hold items on your back, so you can switch between weapons and even be able to use an Elytra while also wearing a chest plate.

  • Please make a soul stealer sword Recipe: anvil in the middle eggs in the corners top middle diamond sword middle left gold sword middle right iron sword bottom middle stone sword Abilities: Steal a hostile mob's soul to make a friendly copy you control later, make a soul a item to scare away that type of mob Add more features if you like. Please do this, this is a recomment and it would make my day 😀

  • make a scythe
    it can get grass and bushes without sliktouch.
    10.0 Damage
    and has an enchantment: Sharpoint V makes it 20.0 Damage

  • Make a microwave. Cooks food much faster than a regular furnace, but the food sates less hunger.

  • Use 9 crafting tables to make mine by nine crafting table to make the atomic gun 4 iron 2 redstone 6 stone and 6 diamonds

  • Make an an end beacon by using endstone at the bottom row, Dragon egg in the middle and glass for the rest. the beacon works like a normal beacon but instead of potion effects you can swim in the air

  • Make a tnt that when it explodes it leaves a bunch of smoke behind
    Recipe one tnt block and 8 gunpowder all around it

  • How about a TNT launcher? (Recipe is TNT + Piston) It will take 1 shot to kill a mob & it takes 20 to defeat a wither.

  • add withering bone meal. 1 wither bone in a crafting table. apply withering bone meal to any weopon to make it give the withering effect. the weopon will withr away itself though wihin the nex 5 minuets

  • Bro why did you stop playing in the deep end . I know you may not look at it but if you see please continue the series

  • Crafting Recipe Idea: Portal Gun
    R = Redstone, C = Redstone Comparator, D = Diamond, S = Block of Iron, E = Emerald

    D | R | E
    C | S | C
    S | R | S

    Shoots two different portals: Left Click to spawn Orange portal, Right Click to spawn Blue portal
    You can go through them!

  • Minecraft crafting idea:Blender (To make it it requires 6glass like an H without the line in the middle and wire to get wire you need Redstone and a tripwire (aka string) and use a lever to power it and you can create smoothes

  • How about compressor screen & compressor
    Compressor screen=4 Diamond in the corners, 4 iron ingots on the edges, and 1 green stained glass panes
    Compressor=6 Iron ingots in any parallel formation(only on sides), compressor screen in middle, and 2 pistons in remaining spots
    description: The compressor (not to be confused with compressor screen) is quite OP, it compresses things (like the name implies) for example 9 coal(not including the fuel) to make a Diamond
    Edit: like I said OP

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