Employer of the Year Award 2019

in a nutshell similar object we provide manufacturing software systems to help companies monitor their efficiency and drive improvements we're all about kind of removing the productivity gap from from UK manufacturing yes if you if you're a manufacturer and you produce lots of widgets essentially we're kind of here to help you whether you're a multinational blue chip or you're a small uk-based company the the challenges are quite often the same I nominated some logic for the Employee of the Year award because the stuff here truly valued and the directors and senior managers really do care about the people here yeah and I think we are a very tight group and I use I will say every to everyone that we come to similar check because of the technology but we end up staying because of the people it's sometimes it's scary that this big companies come to us instead of asking us do this up to what's easy our spec and they ask us what do you think we should do but yeah in in a way it's it's the wanting to do different things that as we make the difference

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