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Emmy Awards 2019 Hits & Misses

(cheering) Oh my gosh. All right, the biggest names on television were last… Whatever, the Emmys.
Yes, exactly! Okay, and here to break down the fashions, the hits and the misses, are my friends. From Bevelations, say hello to Bevy Smith. Hello!
Yes, Bevy! And style guru and author Lloyd Boston. Hey!
(cheering) Look, I don’t know who this is! (laughing) Hello, Monday!
How diabolical do you look? Exactly!
Yes! Say hello to Robert Verdi. All right, Lloyd, Zendaya? I have a new name for her, Zen-slaya! (cheering) She really brought the heat, look at this. I mean, Vera Wang never looked so young, modern, and hip. She looks really beautiful.
She’s giving us some Jessica Rabbit, and you know what I love about her? Her choices always keep us guessing. She knows the power of having her brand be elegant and sophisticated because the more she puts into it, the more she gets out of it from a brand stand point. Bevy? I love this look, I’m euphoric about this look! That’s how much I love it. And, you know, the thing that I love most is that she started out as a Disney star, but with this beautiful corseted look, and this thigh high slit, she lets us know that she’s leaving those little girl days behind. This is a grown ass woman right now. Love it, this is a real testament to how important the work of a stylist is. Luxury Law, who’s been working with Zendaya for a long time, has really helped shape her public image. She is a superstar, and if she does not get People Magazine most beautiful people in the world cover, I will cut a picture of herself, of her out, and glue it on! Shout-out to Law Roach, her stylist, he’s amazing. Does she have a boyfriend every though? No, you know what, she keeps us guessing on that as well. That gets on the looks, so…
Interesting. She keeps us… She does her dirt by her lonely I suspect. We were in Greece at the same time, and I saw nothing. Really? All right, Mandy Moore, Robert? Okay, so I think that Many Moore looks amazing because she no longer looks like a teenager! I love this combination of pink and red, it kinda nods to Saint Laurent’s famous color palette in the 1970s. I don’t like it, it’s ill-fitting at the top. Oh, I love the seductive kind of, it looks like it’s falling off, I love this version of it. I also love her because she was the only fan of my show, and she always told me.
(laughing) She looks really pretty though, I like her simple makeup and I love her thick, luscious hair. Well, think about that, I mean she was a teen pop star first, now she plays all different ages on that show. But I love the top because it’s dangerous. You don’t know if there’s gonna be a nip slip. She didn’t… you know what I mean? And that’s usually not her, she didn’t do some big chunky piece of jewelry to make herself feel safe, she said, “I’m owning these ta-tas, and just letting them ride!” Of course, Lloyd, you know I can appreciate owning your ta-tas and letting them ride. I think Wendy can appreciate owning the ta-tas and letting– Letting them ride.
But the thing I love about this is that she started a trend. We saw so many people on the red carpet looking like it was Valentine’s Day with all that red and pink, and I really, really love this. And I agree with Robert Verdi, when she looks really grown up, and she finally has found her style, so kudos to her. Really pretty.
I love it. Really pretty.
(cheering) I just don’t like the dress, but all right, next Taraji P. Henson. Another Valentine’s Day, every day is the 14th look, she looks like a gossamer angel, I love all this sheer–
Too much material. But I love it because look how much fun she was having with all of that material. She looked very flirty, she looked very seductive. I mean this is a good look, I guess, you know what I bet? I bet she stayed in that dress when she went home to that fiance and had a lot of fun. And that’s Jason Bolden, her stylist. Yes, it’s Jason Bolden, her stylist who has an amazing show on Netflix with his husband Adair Curtis. It’s fantastic, watch Styling Hollywood, it’s great. But she really is the person who she… You can see her as the one who wants to be comfortable on the red carpet.
Yeah, she looks comfortable. I think that this looks comfortable, but it’s a little bit of too big a dress for her. It’s wearing her, she’s not wearing it. Well, first of all, let’s give a shout-out to that kind of retro Cherrelle curly wig, that “Saturday Love” wig. I love that moment, and I love that kind of… You know what, kind of Barbara Eden “I Dream of Jeannie” pallette, “I Dream of Jeannie”, right? It’s that same feel.
You are correct! She’s ready for that kind of sexy, fun feel. When you saw it on stage, it came to life. It was a lot on the red carpet, but I love her for having a tongue and cheek approach to the red carpet.
I love that she wants to look comfortable, she wants to be comfortable. Billy Porter, Robert, I loved! Oh, my God, okay, look…
(cheering) Yes, we all have the right to be here. I don’t have the right to wear that hat, you don’t have the right to wear that hat, nobody has the right to wear that hat! That hat looked like the Nike swoosh to me, and just… Don’t sit in front of me in church with that hat on! (laughing) I love everything about Billy, and I love that he wants the attention when he’s on the red carpet.
He is wearing platform sandals, would you look at that? It’s a lot, he likes when all eyes are on him, but I don’t know… I’ve been to fashion shows over the last 20 years, hundreds and hundreds of them, I’ve never seen him at one. But he loves being in fashion.
He was at the Blonds! He was at the Blonds this season, I’m saying– You know what, I love him because he is a style provocateur, and this certainly shows off his flamboyant side, I love this zoot suit, I love this Michael Kors couture. I love the hat because it gives a nod to “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” meets, you know, Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat. I love it all!
Let’s talk about some of the fun facts, I mean $72 thousand worth of diamonds, $130 thousand worth of crystals, and over 130 thousand individual crystals on that Michael Kors creation. What I love about him is he had a moment last night with RuPaul, black men had a moment last night– I thought RuPaul’s suit was fabulous, by the way!
It was fabulous. Why didn’t we talk about it?
Oh, my gosh. It was a great night. I like your glasses too, Lloyd. Me too.
Thank you. All right, Kendall Jenner, Lloyd? Kendall Jenner, this was a fail for me– I like it! Well, I’ll tell you why, if this dress, and talk to me audience, if this dress was on Lady Gaga, or Rihanna, or Katy Perry, they would have owned it with that sexy edgy thing, she’s giving me runway, it’s loose. Latex shouldn’t be loose, it should be hot and steamy! And it should be second skin.
(cheering) She hasn’t seen enough of the world to own this in a way like those other edgy girls would have really worn this a sexiness.
She’s plenty of tall. I think her hair looks perfect with it, and I think her makeup is excellent and her eyebrows are just the bee’s knees.
And you know what? Here’s the thing, I think that normally we’re very bored by her cause she’s a model and doesn’t have much to say. We think of her as kind of vapid, and I think that this look made her far more interesting. I like the latex meets all of that outrageous cabbage rose with that tulip hem and all of that, I love it. I think it was real fashion, and it was fab. The dress is done by Richard Quinn who is an emerging designer coming out of London. He actually was presented by the British Council presented him with an award that Queen Elizabeth presented, the first award she ever presented, she’s never gone to a fashion show in her life. And what’s interesting when you look at his collections, is he actually obstructs the models faces, they’re always fully covered in latex or in the pattern. To my point, I need a dark lip, I need an edge, and I think she was just coming too pretty for latex. This girl’s kind of demure and I think that calls for somebody with some fire.
Oh. You wanna see Wendy in it?
(laughing) Let’s talk about Gwendoline Christie. Oh, Jesus!
Exactly! Now, she’s the “Game of Thrones” girl, is this from the wardrobe at the “Game of Thrones”? It does, it has that vibe.
It’s Gucci, Wendy. My aunt Connie had this–
Even Gucci makes a fail! Is that Gucci, are you serious? It is, it’s Gucci, it’s a little too costume-y. It nods to the Met Ball’s Costume Institute gala from 2018. It really does have a religious wardrobe feel. Robert?
And that’s a lot of fabric. I’m sure she was quite hot and steamy underneath all those robes and everything. She’s got a really nice body though. And she’s shrouding it in that. Lloyd, what do you think?
Well, you know, if she was gonna go Gucci, she should have called Dapper Dan, you know what I mean? If she was gonna do it, she should have really did it! Let’s take a look at Jenny McCarthy. Lloyd, what do you think?
You know, Jenny McCarthy is a comedic host, actress-ish, so I mean, I don’t take her seriously on the red carpet, and I don’t think she takes it very seriously. When she did the chunky belt… First of all, the glam is gorgeous. She’s giving you classic Anna Nicole Smith. And a bouffant. But you know when you give that kinda quirky boot, the tattered hemline, the belt, she’s not taking it seriously, so I didn’t take it seriously. She’s having fun with it.
This is Alexander McQueen. Yes, it’s Alexander McQueen, but we have to remember that she was actually a host on the red carpet, so she had to stand up for hours which is probably why she opted for that chunky boot. Cause it’s far more comfortable than a classic stiletto. I thought that the glam was far too sophisticated and subdued for the look, I think if she was gonna rock and roll it out, then let’s give it some tousled hair, and let’s make it steamy, go Amy Winestein. Let’s do a smudged–
Amy Winestein? Yes, darling, let’s go for it. Let’s go for rock and roll and rugged. Do smudged mascara and the whole moment. That’s Alexander McQueen, I wanted to show you guys something cause I knew that you’d appreciate it. What do you got? There’s a Wendy watcher who’s name is Paul George, and he went to the Joan Rivers stuff to be auctioned where I got my broach, and he bid on something that he wanted to share with me, so Joan had… This is an Alexander McQueen cape that Joan had. And he bid 13… There it is right there on the T.V. A jacket, $13 thousand he paid for it, brought it back to his home, had a seamstress hook it up. He has a pillow, and I have a pillow. Aw!
I know! Thank you, thank you so much, I know, right? That’s a really big deal, Wendy because that’s actual Alexander McQueen because, you know he’s no longer with us. But when Joan bought that jacket, he was very much alive. Years ago, yep. And he bid $13 thousand, chopped it up and thought about me. I love that.
You should put that on eBay. No, he sent me all the paperwork too, it’s legit. It has paperwork?
Yes, paperwork! Credentials!
Look, all three of you, thank you so much, so good to see you again. For more information on my panelists go to ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it ♪


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