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the Emmy Awards 2018 by the numbers to John Legend was nominated for two Emmy Awards for Jesus Christ Superstar live in concert after taking home the award for outstanding variety special he has achieved II got status that's right he got as in Emmy Grammy Oscar and Tony Legend only had an Emmy remaining on his checklist and after the creative arts Emmys that aired on September the 9th he's gone home with more than just a trophy also at number 2 Michael che and Colin Jost will co-host the Emmys Michael was invited to co-host Weekend Update along with Colin on Saturday Night Live in 2014 they could even walk away with an award of their own one Jessica Biel is nominated for her first-ever Emmy the actress made her television debut on 7th heaven in 1996 and now she's got an Emmy knob this year bill could receive the award for her work in the sinner 14 allison janney have been nominated for 14 Emmys during her career but this time she could win big but she's already worn at Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Flash Supporting Actress in a Comedy and Best Lead Actress in a Drama if she wins Best Lead Actress in a comedy this year for mum she'll have won in all four major acting categories three Kate McKinnon could be the most decorated SNL star ever cast members have only been eligible to win the Best Supporting Actor Emmy since Oh 8 she has a chance to take home her third Emmy she has two wins under her belt and was nominated for one this year mm Megan Mullally won her first Emmy in 2004 the role of Karen Walker on Will & Grace and again in 2006 Megan was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series again this year for the same role 22 HBO's hit series Game of Thrones received at 20 – Emmy nom this year among them are acting nominations for Peter Dinklage Nikolaj coster-waldau and Lena Headey making it very likely that a member of the Lannister family will walk away with some well-deserved gold so you can stay informed on all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or arrests in so much more

  • WOW!! these 2018 Emmys were the most Anti-white I have ever seen.. Making fun of Jesus and Conservatives was a F-you normal blue collar America. How did such hate for other Americans who happen to be White be so accepted by Hollywood.. Every White reference was in the negative ..

  • Looks like the emmys are not doing good with viewers anymore, could it be all the devisive racebaiting and nonsense, leftist, liberal, brainwashing garbage? I think so.
    Also i think the leftist liberal hollywood brain washing garbage and all its arrogant, delusional worthless satanic "stars" are upset because Jesus culture has spread and reached across the globe, far beyond what they ever expected.
    Its just a fact that faith/religion just keeps growing at a very fast rate, specially people converting from atheism (believing in nothing) having no explenation for the spiritual at all whatsoever.
    Specially protestant Christianity which they purposely choose to viciously mock, which has been growing at a shocking fast rate that is faster than population growth itself, thats because most people who know better about all the proofs of the Bible leave all the other empty nonsensical unproven beliefs including the empty and vague atheism.

  • Not sure if the ratings have been released yet but there are several articles talking about the future of a televised Emmys being in doubt.

  • Crack head jesus joke is tasteless. If it weren’t for the people who came here to escape religious persecution, you wouldn’t have the foundational individual rights that let the LGBTQ movement come to life. As you all sit around circle jerking about how great you are…Americans in mass walk away from your ignorance to history.

  • John Legend Jesus Christ super star
    Outstanding variety special EGOT status.
    Colon jost Michael J co host the emmys
    Jessica biel nominated for her first ever Emmy

  • Not going to kill the surprise for me, will just watch it live.

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