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Emma recollects her life with Camila | TKB Recap (With Eng Subs)

Emma! We saw you riding this horse
earlier! You were so good! Would you believe me
if I told you… …that before I came
to Las Espadas, I didn’t know how to
ride horses? How have you been? Are they treating you okay
over at the mansion? And why are you
all by yourself today? Mister Andres and his followers
might bother you again. Are you really
concerned about me? Of course. Let me give you a ride home. On this thing? – Really?
– Yeah. Why? Are you afraid
to ride a horse? No. Me? Afraid to ride a horse? No. It’s just a horse. Alright, then. Let’s go. Well? Come on. Get on. – Come on. Hop on.
– One, two… Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for– What did you say? “Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for?” No. What are you
talking about? Alright, then. Let’s go. Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for! You did say it! “Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for!” What a scaredy-cat. Is your mom nice? Who? Nanay Ingrid? She’s so nice! What about… …your real mom? She was loving. We used to do something
before going to bed. I had to kiss her 100 times. 100 times? Really? Yes, 100 times. But usually, she wouldn’t get
all 100 kisses. Because I’d fall asleep halfway. What about your mom? I never had a mom, unlike you. I thought you studied well. Why do you have seven mistakes?! I’m sorry. I studied hard every day, but I’m not really
good in math. Don’t make excuses, Emma! Just admit that you didn’t
study hard enough! Do you want to live
on the streets again? Because that’s what will happen
if you don’t study well. – No.
– Then study harder! You should become the best so that no one would
take advantage of you! Is that clear, Emma?! Yes, Camila. Make sure she studies
her lessons. I was abandoned
in an orphanage when I was just a baby. That’s why I don’t
remember my mother. You’re so lucky, Elias. You have two mothers. I know. I’m very fortunate. That’s why I value them. I always give them flowers. You know why I can’t
be seen by other people. You also know that
I lost my daughter. But I haven’t told you…. …why it all happened. It’s because I fell in love
with a man. I loved him so much… …that I forgot to
protect myself. All because he told me… …that he also loved me. But when I was accused
of murdering his brother, he didn’t defend me. He simply watched as I was
being dragged to prison. Emma, he’s the reason… …why my daughter died No one was there to warn me about how a man could
ruin a woman’s life. What about Papa? He’s not like that. Yes, your Papa’s
one in a million. He’s an exception. What we have is
something better. A partnership. We don’t let our
emotions get in the way. What matters
is that we trust… …and respect each other. You’re lucky, Emma. You’re lucky because
you have me. Emma, I’ll do anything so you don’t have to go
through the same things I did. But you need to trust me. Because we only have
each other, Emma. Just us two. It’s just us two. So, are you excited for my
graduation gift for you? Papa, that’s not necessary. You’ve done so much for me. Well… Get your passport ready and pack up your things. I’m going to Vegas to check out
our newest investment there. While we’re there, we can go
on a cross-country drive to New York. Let’s watch a Broadway show. – Seriously?!
– Yup! Thank you, Papa! You’re welcome, dear. Fabio, she’s not going with you. Why not? Because Emma doesn’t want me
to be alone here. Right, Emma? She can come with me
if she wants to. Okay. Let’s ask Emma. Emma, do you want to go
with your Papa? Or would you rather
accompany me here? I’ll just stay here. I don’t want you to be alone. Okay. Let’s eat. Starting today, I want you
to come here every night. It’s about time you knew
the ropes of our business. – It’s so nice here
in your farm. / – Yeah. “Papa”? I thought you’re orphaned. Oh, you see… Ma’am Tati was joking around. She changed Sir Luciano’s name
in my phone to “Papa” just to annoy me. Sir Luciano must be
looking for his horse. I better get going. You can tour me around
your farm next tie. Emma! Thanks for dropping me off. Don’t mention it, scaredy-cat. Sonny Teng was a member
of the Troycan Brothers. They’re three in the group They used to supply
illegal drugs to rich families. But they’ve long been arrested. All of them have that mark
on their chests. All of them have that mark
on their chests. He might not be the one
who framed me up. We must find the two others. We need to know
who among them was in Las Espadas before. Find out if they’re
connected with my family. Vernon has been
in hiding abroad even before
Javier dela Cuesta’s death. Same with you. You’ve been jailed
even before the murder. But what about Sonny? Did he have a connection
with the Dela Torres? Why are so interested in him? And why should I tell you
what I know? Who do you think you are? Why? Because you’re child
has cancer. Am I right? If you cooperate with me,
I’ll deposit one million pesos into your wife’s bank account. Is that enough? Now tell me, was Sonny Teng
in Las Espadas when Javier dela Cuesta’s murder
happened? Did he work for the Dela Torres? Luciano dela Torre
in particular? Luciano… Luciano… Luciano dela Torre. Your video was a savage one. I don’t think anyone
would dare violate the smoking ban
after saying that. I’m glad we’re on
the same page. That was the whole point. That’s the only way
you can make people follow you. You need to use force and terror
to make them listen. Luciano dela Torre. But Sonny wasn’t reporting
to him. It’s a different Dela Torre. Another Dela Torre? That Sonny… …used to be in a relationship
with Tatiana dela Torre. Ma’am Tati. Ma’am Alice told me that I don’t have an
invitation to the ball yet. So there’s no need to
have a gown made for me. It’d just be a waste. Don’t listen to her. I will find a way to get you
an invitation, okay? But I really know nothing
about that stuff. I’ve only danced in small
parties in our village. Aww. You’re so cute. So raw. I love it. Don’t worry, Emma. I’ll teach you everything. Just stick with me, and you’ll find out all the
secrets you need to know. Man, why did you have
to drink so much? I wasn’t expecting Tatay
to bring out all that beer. – There. Go pee outside.
– Oh, man. – Don’t blame me, my boy.
– Wow, English. – You’re definitely drunk.
– Ah, that feels good. Blame your Papa Aran. He’s always questioning
and answering, but he knows who’s in my heart. Hey… Did you see that? Yeah! I saw it! Let’s get out of here! – Did you see that?
– No! – Open your eyes, fool!
– I don’t want to! Bro… Let’s get out of here! – Wait.
– No! It’ll eat you! – Cut it out!
– Hey! Hey. Who are you, huh? They’ll kill us. – Mister Andres!
– They’ll kill us! What happened?! – They’ll kill us!
– Calm down! – Just calm down!
– They’ll kill us! They will kill us! Elias, let’s get out of here!
Come on! – They will kill us.
– Help me. Get up! They will kill us! – Emma…
– Miss Ichu… Andres! Mister Andres! Emma…! Emma… Save me, Emma! Please… They’re out to get me, Emma! Please save me, Emma.
I’m begging you…


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