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Emma recalls how fate brought her and Camila together | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Why do you keep praying? You again? Can I touch this? Why’d you do that, huh? Why’d you do that?! I’m sorry. Here you go. Your world’s so dark. Don’t do that again. If you do, I’ll call the cops. They will take you. Please don’t. I can’t leave this place. I’m waiting for my mother. She said she’d come
back for me here. That’s why I can’t leave. Flowers for sale. Flowers for sale. Flowers… …and I am the star Mother, dear, where are you No matter where I turn,
I see no trace of you Kid! Are you all alone? Do you want to go with me? We can keep each
other company. No. I’m not alone. My mother just
bought something. Where is she?
I don’t see her. Come with me. Come with me. We’ll buy lots of food.
Come on! – Come on.
– No. What’s going on here? Let go of that child. Mind your own business! I’m hungry. Can you keep me company? Hold on. Nay, I’ll be back. Let’s go. Come on. Start the car. You sure you’re
okay here? We can eat
somewhere else. I’m okay here. I don’t want to go
far from the church My mother might
look for me. Careful. You might choke. It’s just so yummy!
Thank you, ma’am! Where’s your mother anyway? She said she would just
get us something to eat. And that I should just wait
for her inside the church. But she hasn’t come back. How long has she been gone? A long time. I lost my daughter. She died in a fire. Really? That’s why you’re so sad. That’s why I always
go to church. I keep praying
that hopefully, she’s happy up
there in heaven. What’s her name? Why do you ask? So I can pray for her, too. Vida. My daughter’s name is Vida. Vida… We’re the same. I lost a mother. And you lost a daughter.


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