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Emma is out to investigate Tatiana | TKB Recap (With Eng Subs)

The woman in a wedding gown… …is angry. The woman in a wedding
gown is angry. She’s angry. Very angry! Mister Andres, what
happened to you? She’s angry… I want to help you. – Tell me who did this to you.
– She’s… Tell me, Mister Andres! – The woman wearing…
– Mister Andres! What are you doing here?! Can’t you see he’s not in the
right condition to talk to you? I just want answers. Why? Why do you suddenly care now? Because someone got hurt. Don’t you want to know
what happened to him and who’s behind it? She’s going to kill us! We’re all going to die! – Andres…
– She’s going to kill us! – Calm down.
– We’re all going to die! Were you the one who did that
to Mister Andres? Do you honestly think
I would do that? I just thought that… …you might have gone after him
after what he did to me. Emma… I always let you know about
every move I make here in Las Espadas. So… No. Have I ever lied to you, Emma? Not yet. Sorry. Maybe the people
who did that are bad people, who just want to strike fear
into the people here. Don’t worry.
I’ll find out who they are. But I want you… …to focus on her. Focus on Tatiana. Prove that she’s the one
who killed Javier and framed me
for the crime. Because she envied you? Tatiana and I are
almost the same age. That’s why we would compete with
each other for the attention of our relatives,
the people around us, and even the boys. Tatiana never liked the fact that she was always
compared to me. Especially when she got pregnant
at the young age of 17. She never told anyone
who the father is. But there’s a chance
the child was Javier’s. Because back then,
Javier had a notorious reputation
when it came to the ladies. In the jungle… Among the trees… Lovers joined together. Joined together. Gosh! Wow! Do you think that’s where
she was violated? What happened to her
was horrible! Anyway, boss… It happened years ago. Besides, this forest is deep.
Just look! Other people are also saying
that an evil spirit lives here. Do you really think
we should do this? Boss! Boss! Wait for me! Boss! Boss! Boss, let’s leave here! That’s only the wind, Aran. I don’t think so. Hey! What is it now? Wait, boss! Wait for me! Where did she go? Did you see where she went? I’m so exhausted. Can we rest for a while? Hey! – Hey!
– What is it? Stop right there! Who are you?! Hey! Boss Vito! Goodness… Boss, who was that? It’s a woman. A woman, boss? Are you sure it wasn’t
someone’s ghost? I’m sure, Aran.
We made contact. Help me find her! We’re moving again? Can’t we take a break, boss?
I’m so tired! He’s also in love,
but with a ghost. – You mean Emma? You love her?
– No, I don’t. Anyway, let’s go find a table. It’s Emma. Emma. I’m meeting Miss Tatiana here. I’m with my friends. We’re celebrating
the birthday of… Let me. Emma, these are
Johnny and Madrid… – Hi!
– …the birthday boy. Elias told us a lot about you. – We’ll find a table.
– Okay. – Really?
– Thank you. No. Excuse me. – Miss Tati is calling me.
– Alright. Enjoy! Emma. Join me. Cheers! You need to sober up, Emma. Pull yourself together now. You’re here to investigate. You have to get answers. Hi. I heard you’re looking
for a boyfriend. What a perfect timing because I’m also looking
for a girlfriend. Excuse me. Hey, don’t leave just yet. I’m still talking to you. You’re hurting me. You’re also hurting
my feelings. Stop being a snob. The next time a woman
tells you to let her go, let her go. Sorry. It won’t happen again. Sorry. I’ve never drank
alcohol before. I don’t know my limit yet. What’s going on? Stop it! What were you thinking?! I thought he could help me. I wanted to get better so I wouldn’t be a burden
to you anymore. Luna, don’t! There! I can’t say I’m lying just
to make you feel better. I wish I could, Elias. I wish I could make
things easier for you and for myself! Who are you really, Emma? Juice? Uh… No thanks. Mildred, I almost forgot– Juice, ma’am? – Oh my god!
– I’m sorry! Ma’am, I’m so sorry. Let me help you. My god! Look what you’ve done! – Never mind!
– Please, ma’am. Let me. About Miss Tati, ma’am…
I’m sorry for what she did. I know everything she said
about you wasn’t true. What did she tell you? That I victimized her? Well, excuse me! I didn’t tell everyone
about her secret. You didn’t hear me
say anything about J, right? J? The man who got her pregnant. That’s what she called him. But I didn’t go on telling that
to anyone there, right? I’m not a gossip! She didn’t reveal who
her child’s father was. But it could be Javier. J… Sir Vito? How long will you keep this up? Is Andres just the first
of your targets? I don’t know what
you’re talking about. When will you realize
what you’re doing is wrong? Do you have any idea
what you got yourself into? What if your accomplices are
behind my brother’s death and my ex-fiancée’s? Just so you know,
I’m investigating on my own. Honey, wait for me. I’ll just go to the restroom. Emma. We’ll have our last fitting
with the designer. Go downstairs right away. “33 Magdalena Street, Barangay Jacinto, Las Espadas,
Estrella del Sur” Emma. I found Tatiana’s other address
here in Las Espadas. I’ll go check it out. Okay. Please do. See what you can find out
about the place before you make another move. Okay.


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