Emma Ham Riche | Ordinand 2019 | E-News 18th June

my calling was affirm to me about two or three years ago and I think at that point all the pieces fell into place everything made sense and I could then look back and see exactly where my journey had started and where my journey had taken me and I think looking back all the times that I thought I'd been in control that I'd been the one choosing which path to walk I was able then to look back and think actually no it was God God was God was always in control of that journey for many years I was a teacher and that's what I did until about three or four years ago I came out of teaching actually I didn't know I was coming out of teaching I thought I was just changing jobs in teaching and I haven't at all since then because my journey then took me to Brighton and Hove City mission that was which was another unexpected turn with not really anything I'd planned to do but I can see now that was all part of God's plan but that opened up a whole world of opportunities to me it brought me into contact with Christians of of many different denominations and really opened up my eyes to the different ways to worship God and to serve God much earlier on I became a month a member of mothers Union which really gave me an opportunity to serve where I was I was a mum with two young children we didn't have money so we couldn't donate financially to causes but what I could do was to give my time and he brought me into contact with other people and civilizations to me I'm being ordained on the 29th of June this year at jitter to Cathedral and whilst that's very exciting it's also very daunting I think the ordination service will probably be the moment when the enormity of what's happening and what has happened will really begin to dawn what saying yes to God hostess really meant I think it's really important when opportunities come your way that you say yes to them you just never know where that opportunity is going to lead that's certainly been my experience I think when you have the chance to say yes to God can be life-changing but it's really worth it

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