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Emilia Clarke Admits It Took Time to Process Final “GoT” Script | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Hi, Emilia. How are you?
-Hi. Hello. Good. -Nice to see you.
-Good to see you, as well. -You look fabulous this evening.
-Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Who are you wearing this evening?
-I´m wearing Valentino. -You look fabulous.
-Thank you. -So, I want to ask you this.
First of all, nominated Lead Actress, Drama. -Yeah.
-The series, of course, is nominated. I read that after you read the final script for “Game of
Thrones” that you wandered the streets of London. -I wandered the streets of London, yes.
-Tell me about that. -In a kind of daze. Now I can talk about it.
-Yes. -Like, people have been asking about this for so long, and
I´m like, “Yeah. Stuff happens.” But yeah, I kind of — I just didn´t know what on Earth I
had just read. I kind of had to percolate on it and then started to have
some really very funny conversations with friends, being like, “So…you like her, right?
Like, you think she´s cool? You think she´s okay?
What if she were to do some stuff?” So yeah.
-So, do people — I mean, I imagine people, do they come up to you and still
ask you questions about the final — you do? -Yeah, I get a lot of theories.
-Theories. -I get a lot of, “If I had done it, I would do it like
this.” -Ah. I see, I see.
-Yeah, yeah. “Can I get a selfie?
And, also, I want to pitch you a new season.” -[ Laughs ] “I want to pitch a new season.” Now, I know that you of course had — you know, it was an
amazing experience, “Game of Thrones.” Any mementos you took from this set?
-Well, I´m an idiot. Everybody else took something. I didn´t take anything.
-I haven´t heard if you took anything. -I didn´t take anything at all.
I took, you know, Daenerys in my heart forever. And I was always a good girl.
I keep being like, “Please, can I have a wig? Please, can I have a wig?” [ Chuckles ]
-I love it. You have some new projects coming up, one with Henry
Golding. -Yes, indeed. Yes.
-Tell me about that. -Yeah, yeah. So, it´s called “Last Christmas,” and it will
be coming out on November 8. -Ah. I can´t wait.
-Emma Thompson wrote it. Paul Feig directed it. Henry Golding´s in it.
It´s gonna be wonderful. -I can´t wait to see it.
Emilia, thank you so much for coming by. -Thank you so much.
-Always nice to see you. -Thank you so much for having me.
-I´ll see you soon. Thank you very much. -Yeah. Take care.
-Have a good night tonight. -Thank you.
-Best of luck.


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