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Ellen Awards Employee of the Month to Her Producer

I am also a professional
celebrity scarer. I think that’s
mainly what I’m known for is scaring celebrities. I’ve done some good ones. I’ve done some really good ones. Sarah Paulson–
got her real good. Ty Burrell– got him. So that’s my producer Corey
jumping out of the box. His real job is to book
our guests on the show. But he also does
scares because he’s the only producer
who’s small enough to fit inside of this box. Cory has never failed
until last week. He was supposed to jump
out and scare Garth Brooks. And then this was what happened. It’s so fun, though, is it? I mean– Oh, it’s a blast. Don’t you think just– yeah– Rawr! [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Nothing– put it back. Act– is it– act like–
act like it never happened. that’s good. That was good. Oh. First of all– That was good. That was the worst
scare we have ever– [LAUGHTER] –ever done. OK, so many things went wrong. First of all, Garth
was not scared. That’s– that’s the
whole point of it. Look at it. He’s smiling. [LAUGHTER] Just a smile on his face. Then Corey couldn’t get
his legs out of the box. Because he was wearing
tight jeans that day. So his foot got
stuck in the box. [LAUGHTER] Sometimes it takes
a moment like this to realize how hard it
is to do what Corey does. And that is why I would like to
honor him today with The Ellen Show Employee of the Month. This is the certificate. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] [THUMPING] All right. [CHEERING] That’s– all right. Keep up the good work. I’d like you to stay hydrated. So– [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] Oh, that made me pleased. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Oh. I just found Don Julio.

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