Ella Mai SHADES Jacquees @ BET Awards, Nicki getting married, Chris Brown's New Boo, & MORE! 🌞

hello good morning I'm stuck ISA and you were gonna have an amazing Monday because you are starting your day but to get ready news all right I know this Monday but you got to get up you got to start getting ready while you do that I'm gonna tell you all of the highest topics that have been going on over the weekend all right so for today's episode we're doing something a little different I'm actually not in my Lancer studio so for all the hot topics today you're gonna hear my voice but you're not gonna see me okay listen I got a multitasker I gotta get this bag but that's all right I'm still gonna bring you those hot topics let's go our top story this morning is the 2019 BT Awards now if you didn't catch the awards it was pretty good you know I was thoroughly entertained I think the main reason I was entertained is because I love the hosts okay we love sister Regina Hall I think she did a great job okay so sister card he had opened the show I thought she did a great job as well her performance was real intricate you know it was real cute even off that handsome choreography you know okay brother offset some other people who took the stage were Meek Mill little knives X and Billy Ray Cyrus her dj khaled migos chilli price and Fantasia but to me one of the highlight performances of the night was sister Liz oh okay she came through with her flutes and her twerk and she gave got all the glory take a look okay so we also have some pretty cool presenters at the Beatty award taraji Pete Hansen took the stage along with Lena wait Lala Anthony Ayesha curry and Yara Shahidi brother Tyler Perry received the ultimate icon award and I believe he had the best speech of the night come on brother Perry take a look at this let him do that but why are you fighting for a seat at the table I'll be down in Atlanta building my own because fill this table God was prepared for me in the presence of my enemies I know but for real y'all I agree with every word that brother Perry said okay also sister mary j blige was given the Lifetime Achievement Award and beads he also honored the late Nipsey Hussle with the Humanitarian Award okay so we almost don't show but there were a lot of winners on tonight I'm not gonna go through all of them period but among the winners were a little baby taking home the Best New Artist and amigo is taking home the award for best group one of the highlight winners of the night was sister Ella Mae when she took home her viewers Choice Award sister Ella Mae has something to say okay and a lot of people were pretty sure it was aimed at brother Jack please take a look thank you so so much and this is proof honestly that you let the music do the talking whoo chill a so we just want to put sister Ella Mae Angelis on the prayer list this morning we asked a guy put his hand on this little beat that they have going on this beat been going on for long enough Jesus you know we are all in agreement there brother Jack Reese needs to do his own songs you know so we not running into these type of issues we are also in agreement that this is the last time okay that either of them needs to be taking shots at each other or saying anything or doing anything you know we just want to pray that they can focus on the music like sister Ella Mae said now shortly after this all happen brother Jack please tweeted Congrats Ella Mae so perhaps God is already working on them amen whoo-chow okay enough BT okay boom our next topic over the weekend with sister Nicki Minaj's queen radio Jesus Lord sister Nicki had special guests on her show and it was a lot of talking it was a typical CLE radio show I liked it but of course the blog's are more interested in the drama that took place on this episode sister Nikki actually called out sister Miley Cyrus but some comments that were made back in 2015 okay now y'all know I like to keep the real light in the morning so we're not gonna play it cuz it had a lot of energy that might get transferred over you know through this video so we're not gonna play it but uh system Nikki was basically saying you know Miley had her messed up okay period she also talked about the drama will be et and being compared to other artists the juiciest part of the night was when sister Nikki broke down the drama with the Grammys explaining why she was blackballed take a listen came the day of the show and told me not to perform and I said no I'm gonna perform and when I went out there cuz now all my fans aren't expecting a performance I'm not gonna just not perform and I just did all this to promote your show any of you errs so I went out there and he blackballed me for the rest of my career and he then made me feel afraid to speak on it because thinking well if you want to if you do ever want to get a Grammy you better not speak about it sister Nikki has definitely been through a lot in this industry but she's pushing through you know she also talked about her boo brother Kenneth and she wants to get married and have a family straight up I don't know why all the blogs are running with that like that's not normal like she wants to get married to have a family she's a human being anyway so we just want to ask God to keep his handle sister Mickey you know keep writing her song keep her relationship happy father guy you know healthy keep her on the up and up and then all right now remember last week I think his last week when we put brother Chris Brown on the prayer list because he was missing his ex well it looks like our prayers have been answered Lord because brother Brown was spotted out with his new boo Dimond okay this is allegedly you know allegedly calm but you know Chris does follow her on social media and I can have pictures and stuff so I think that's all the information we need you know all right so sister Rihanna let the Internet up this weekend was she sent out a message to trump now we don't talk about trunk on this show but uh we're gonna talk about it because rihanna is involved okay so she posted this picture holding a t-shirt that said immigrant and you know sister rihanna is a real one because she tagged truck straight-up she basically said trump was good i love artists like Rihanna to do whatever they won't you know they don't worry about how it's gonna affect their career and their sales and all that stuff because think about it there are a lot of artists out here in the industry who never say anything political you know because they know that their fan base might be an opposite political party but you know we just want to lift sister Rihanna up on this morning we want to ask that God keep us inspired through her we also want to ask that she continues to use her platform to speak up about these important issues going on in our country Lord when she's not even from here you know like she don't have to care about us period all right sawdust off a hot topics today you will see me tomorrow I will be back in Atlanta so yeah now we're gonna go over to Joe but all would you rather segment Joe hey what's up good morning guys I got a good one for you today would you rather begin every sentence with hey idiot or end every sentence with haha I was just kidding man and this one's pretty tough let's get the opinion of one of our viewers hi my name is Neil from Detroit Michigan I will rather end every sentence with haha I'm just kidding because why take life seriously solid joke okay okay do you agree leave us a comment down below and let us know what you think all right bro this is the part where we help you get a little smarter it's time for a fun fact if you have bad smelling shoes place a few dry teabags inside each shoe to absorb the smell if your shoes are not just smelly but also wet fill them with the mixture of rice and baking soda and let them sit for a few days and now we're heading over to the First Church of YouTube for an inspirational word from Pastor Larry James praise the Lord everybody all right now the quote on this morning is it's not who you are that holds you back it's who you think you're not mama we can't get caught up in who we are because we're forever evolving we're forever changing but see who you think you're not that sticks we hold on to that for two and three and four and five and twenty years who we think we're not we've got to understand the infinite possibilities that God has placed within us and know that it's not about who we are cuz that changes I can't stress that enough who you are today will change but what you think about yourself when you think oh I'm not this way I'm not that way that sticks so we're gonna work on that today amen hey man alright alright family that's all for today I want to thank you for starting your morning with us go out there and kill it have a great day keep a positive vibe remember the type of day you have is completely up to you I also gotta remind you to click that notification bill so you can start every morning off with us I'm really trying to put some positive energy into the universe click subscribe click the notification bill we will be here Monday through Friday get ready with us it's to get ready news all right


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