Elias Pettersson Mic'd Up at the 2019 NHL Awards

  • I love the Canadian players, as I am Canadian. But these swedes in Vancouver continue to impress me, Such poise, respect and just how humble they are is amazing.

    Honestly wish I could have seen Pettersson play with the Sedin brothers.

  • Congrats Elias Petterson. The Pettey Effect; he is now so powerful he can just stand on the ice,

    wave his magic stick stunning the other players while his team mates
    have a good ol fashion turkey shoot!

  • He deserves this. He had such a great season. Overcoming 2 injuries and still winning the Calder and getting 77 points is amazing p.s. second comment

  • The Canucks are sure lucky to have this kid. Thank you to the rest of the NHL for not giving this kid a shot because of his size. I watched Pavel Bure play in his day and boy was that amazing with this kid blew it all out of the water with everything he did this year. He is definitely the greatest rookie I have ever watched way to go Petey… thank you for what you said about botchford as well to see the emotion in your face really shows what one reporter can do for a team and a city. Again congratulations on Rookie of the Year you deserved it. EP40 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR….

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