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Electric Comets and Plasma Serpents in the Lab | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by
The Thunderbolts Project™ at Today we again explore the remarkable
contributions of a new member of the Electric Universe
experimentalist community. In a previous Space News, we introduced
the research of Jacob Gable, whose simple demonstrations of electrical
discharge in a homemade vacuum chamber have produced extraordinary
analogs to the craters commonly seen on
planets and moons. As those familiar with the
Thunderbolts Project are aware, for decades laboratory experiments
with plasma have also provided critical insights into the mysterious
archetypes in world mythology. In this episode, Jacob presents
his intriguing new results beginning with a discussion of one of
the most terrifying figures in myth — the serpent or dragon. Again, the link to
Jacob’s YouTube channel can be found in the
description box of this video. Something I find interesting
about the Thunderbolts Project is how it interprets
ancient mythology. Plasma has the ability
to appear lifelike so it’s not a far-fetched idea that
the sky could be filled with plasma producing lifelike images
for people to observe. I wanted to see what a discharge between
two bodies in space looked like so what I did is I buried
two electrodes in the sand side-by-side one another
in a vacuum chamber. After removing the air, I applied
a voltage to the electrodes causing a current to flow in the
low-pressure environment above the sand. This would simulate a sort
of ‘Worlds in Collision’ event. The images produced are typical of
plasma in that they were life-like. I would relate them to a snake or a
serpent searching and digging for food, gouging out the surface or even gouging out a
world from the inside out. You can even see what looked like
eggs flowing down the body of the snake. This makes me think of
the archetype Venus and its transformation
into the archetype Medusa in that it was producing
serpent-like hair that possibly even was the cause
of gouging out the surface of Mars. In conclusion, I’d say that
the experiment was a success because it was inspired by a
Worlds in Collision event and when trying to
simulate that event, I was able to produce and observe
what appears to be an archetype. So this would support Velikovsky. An enduring mystery in comet science is the
collimated nature of explosive cometary jets which do not disperse in
the “vacuum of space”. As with the jets and the plumes
from so-called cryovolcanoes, the vents from which mainstream
scientists proposed the jets originate, have proved elusive. Amazingly, as far back as
the early 20th century, the Norwegian physicist
Kristian Birkeland proposed that comet jets
are electrical in nature. He was able to emulate cometary jets
from a cathode in a vacuum tube. Birkeland wrote, “From a cathode of graphite there
came long, steady pencils of light, which greatly resembled the so-called
eruptions or jets on comets.” Jacob explains how easily he has
produced jets like those of comets in his own experiments. Since comet jets and cryovolcanic
plumes share similarities with electric
discharge experiments, I wanted to capture an event
that distinguished the comet jet from the cryovolcanic plume. I believe that event is when a comet tail
can split into two different directions of two different colors. One would be a gas tail
and the other a dust tail. While working with discharge
experiments forming craters, I noticed that if I left
the vacuum pump running while the crater was
burning at the surface, a purple glow discharge would accompany
the white crater-forming filament. The purple glow discharge
typically forms a wedge shape and tends to remain
towards the surface while the white filament forms
a column through the center and leads up to the anode. Both discharges can
occur side by side and appear to be jetting away
from the surface of the sand at different angles
from each other. If the power driving
the plasma is held, the purple discharge at the surface
will grow and overpower the filament, similar to when a coma grows
in size as it nears the Sun. A long unresolved anomaly
in planetary science is the preferential appearance of smaller
craters on the rims of larger craters. As far back as 1965, the amateur
astronomer Brian J. Ford published his research into the electrical
discharge origins of lunar craters. He noted that the
larger lunar craters often have smaller craters
perched on their rims. Yet there are no examples
of a large crater intersecting a smaller
crater in the same manner. These cratering patterns
are routinely produced in the industrial process of
electrical discharge machining. We asked Jacob if he has found similar
patterns in his own experiments. When looking at features
in our solar system, the most common
feature is the crater. Of course, when looking for
electrical discharge-machined craters, we can look for
the rimmed crater. While doing a lot of experiments,
I’ve observed many craters and often times there’s
a filament or two, even more, that will be rotating
around forming the craters so the filaments aren’t actually
as large as the crater itself. The filaments will be smaller and they’ll be rotating and
accompanied by another filament and they’ll rotate as
a Birkeland current. Sometimes these filaments will
rest on the side of a crater and can begin rotating again and forming
another crater right on the rim of a crater. We see rimmed craters
throughout our solar system and of course they’re hard
to replicate with impacts. On the other hand, rim craters are a
process of electrical discharge machining and that would be a
rotating Birkeland current.

  • the rotating Birkeland current's little rim-crater is witnessed on the Moon, Mars and Earth, etc, too many times not to be considered an electrical event…by now. 😉
    Thank You Joseph Gable and TP!
    Another well-put-together video based on evidence of EU…. with visuals as icing on the cake =D
    Many Blessings!

  • Wow, the weight of evidence for the EU model just keeps on mounting up. It's amazing how orthodox science can still continue to 'completely' ignore it. I'm an ordinary member of the public, admittedly with an interest in science, and I find the whole paradigm totally compelling. I wonder when it will hit the critical mass of full acceptance. Just a matter when, not if.

  • ================== THERE MUST BE AN OPINION ON THIS. ====================
    The Case for Reality pt4 blood on the Land
    Mudfossil University
    Published on 10 Apr 2018

    Is the Earth a dead rock or is it alive? Can the Earth bleed? Do we understand what we are living on? Can we hope for a better future?

  • To Dave Talbott
    I sent an email to TBP regarding more discoveries I might have pressed a wrong button look for a letter from me signed Timmy C Vick

  • if this cycle was to produce itself again in our lifetime how would we best protect ourselves while on the surface of the planet ? can you produce such an experiment as well , lets say with a mouse ? (of course starting off with insects)

  • At about 4:34, the jet becomes beads/rings columnar particles accelerator structure for a split second.

    Was that footage analysed frame by frame ? Also this man could and should use a high speed camera.

    There is a huge data loss, the microexpressions of that plasma are gold.. .

  • It would be interesting to see a list of all the scientism that is wrong, as known by Thunderbolts Project research and various down-the-path-common-sense-extrapolations. Like when Wal Thornhill makes predictions that come true, because he's following the road of common sense. Albeit a road of common sense that only geniuses with balls and fortifude traverse.

    Next step is current college level scientism textbooks should have redactions of all the wrong information blacked out. It would look like a FISA court redacted document. 80+% blacked out.

    After the list, the redacted science books, and presentation of these things… comes the revelation we live in Tesla's world, not Edison, Franklin, Einstein and Hawking, the "air-puff-talker that is miraculously alive and says cool stuff that will never be proven as correct".

    If that's too much heat, release the list through a "Nobody".

    If a "Nobody" is chosen, it should be a 10-12 year old super-genius. For a couple reasons. One is presentability. The kid is easy to present in front of people in a non threatening way. Another is safety. They don't DARE kill a child bringing this info to the masses. (They will, instead, attempt to lure him to the Dark Side.)

    A large focus of everything I've written here is to galvanize THE CHILDREN, who are the future.

    This will lead directly to various other things, but this is merely a YouTube comment section, authored by a Dumbass.

    That list, accompanied with current college level scientism books, a "Nobody" or genius child, should be used for various fund raising purposes. Which I won't bore you with. I have many very novel "ideas".

    Or maybe I have concrete pathways…that were Given to me but people just blow off things that arent their ideas, so nothing has gotten done.

    Maybe I have a complete (40 pounds of paper, 100s of gigs of edited video explaining this) Weaponized Lifestyle Platform, a new Monetary System based on Integrity, Family, Community, a new Voting System, never before seen, a novel thing I call the Korporation Killer, a module that fits onto the W.L.P. that kills corporations in 3-9 months, by affecting their profits, and a new, exponentially expanding network and lattice work that swells as fast as the corporations die, and what is created is a local level, all hooked together, with profits going to real people, small people and communities, not corporations, and also the Weaponized Lifestyle Platform ensures that the massive corporations shall not flourish at any point in future. There is new software that makes all concepts and interactions with computers very intuitive, quick, responsive in real time convos, and a new, never before seen hardware platform to run it. I might also have been Shown even more solutions, that are already composed, and gathering dust for 2 years. Complete with a finished, edited book. Gathering dust. Enough of me, though. No one wants solutions, or to help me. I should know. I've spoken to many of the most famous out there on YouTube. They are much too important to respond to emails, phone calls, comments, whatever.

    I'm just crazy, right? All this makes no sense. Right?

    Surely One Man couldn't have… this. And 3,000 more things. Including inventions.

    Let those with eyes see the invisible message herein…

    Let those with ears hear the invisible message herein…

    Take this information. Use it. There's only 3 things in this world that's real. Chills. Goosebumps. Tingles. It's a language spoken by…

  • very cool models. I just wonder where this phenomena is observable on earth. I mean, there was something said at the beginning about that. But there haven't been any images. Of course, erosion is a big problem on earth, so any traces of such activity would be quickly wiped away.

  • Aboriginal people of Australia most likely witnessed such planet shaping plasma snakes first hand. Their mythology is full of reference to the 'Rainbow Serpent' who formed many land forms, and dug out whole rivers.

  • the earth is flat, all space nonsense is pointless, there is no gravity, only electromagnets, heaven is high, earth is middle, tartarus is low

  • How much energy does maintaining a vacuum demand once its created?
    None? or is it interacting with the space it is confined to?

  • Film this in 4K, high speed, through clearest glass possible, then SLOW IT DOWN and see if that doesn't resemble lightning…
    I'll bet it does.

  • There is no doubt whatsoever for all those with formation in electricity, and even for many that don't, that we live in an Electric Universe and now even more, with these discharge experiments of all these new experimenters. This proves what our ancestors saw and depicted in paintings or carved in stones but mainstream insists in disregarding. Awesome video, like always.

  • You have changed my mind. Tesla was in the right path. The luciferians have been lying way to long. As global warming is way fake, the electric universe makes so much sense. Carry on showing mainstream science is bogus. I think creation is real. There is no evidence for evolution only theory. There is proof the bible is right. Thank you again.

  • I can't wait for you to receive your Nobel prize for your elegant theory, it makes more sense than dark matter and other such exotic theories.

  • Electric universe! We breath electricity if you think about it… I believe we harness the energy around us…. to a certain degree. Wonder what we harvest from breathing instead of just oxygen.

  • As a welder, comets look exactly like material , molten material…ejecta, spinning off into space, cooling before it flings apart into 2 droplets. Conclusion?…comets are the bits removed by arc discharge (MASSIVE) I would bet that the regular meteor showers are the evidence of such events also. I think some of the showers are from earth…some from mars…a sprinkling of moon debris…and a fairy dusting from other assorted bodies. Bottom line? Those duo comets were basically slag. Take a welding rig up into space, use it. Collect the slag, bet it looks like tiny versions of comets.

  • 5 people still believe the craters created by the disintegration of one large meteorite.I am glad that the group of experimenters is growing. Drop drills Rock 🙂

  • ? the connection between the arching at surface to surface and a passing body arching to the surface was achieved with a story rather than demonstrating it inside the container

  • great experiments Sir.!
    a great electrical engineer who has hundreds of YouTube videos, would be Dan Winter.
    He shows how Plasma does NOT act alive, but it is conscious, and every person has their own Plasma field..

  • Here in Australia there are myths like the rainbow serpent etc from the Aboriginal dream time stories. They are some thing I have looked into.
    The match with myth and EU theory is so good. The myths even start to make some sense when viewed from that point. They have lived here in OZ for 40-50,000 yrs and pass on oral stories.
    There is also the baramundi story, where the silver bara launched out of the ground, travelled through the sky and landed a long way away. Diamonds are found at the re-entry location.
    Australia has some very strange landforms that "science" cannot explain with any real theory that works, eg Ayres rock/ularu.
    Another top video guys

  • Thank you for Jacob's commentary. To read it in a paper and to hear it from the voice of the actual researcher are two different things. Makes more sense somehow with the accompanying video. Thanks so much.

  • Could this be used to describe the Grand Canyon… could the Grand Canyon have been carved out buy something massive like this? The Grand Canyon is full of metal deposits which is why a big chunk of its red….could it have been a perfect candidate for lightning bolts the size of some of those Canyons grinding out huge swaths of land like you're seeing in these small vacuum experiments…..
    could you imagine seeing that live on the surface of the planet from hundreds or thousands of miles away while the sky literally Sparkles with electricity well it's dumping all that power into a specific area on the planet….could be why they built the pyramids….. to suck some of that energy they now know is in the atmosphere for their personal use….the electric universe theory may explain more than we know….

  • I may have missed the point – what is your problem with the (simpler) theory that craters are caused by the impact of meteorites?

  • Thunderbolts of the Gods – Wal Thornhill & David Talbott

    The Electric Universe – Wal Thornhill & David Talbott

    The Electric Sky – Don Scott

  • It would be wise for the Thunderbolts project to block Rach Kate from their videos. She is only a poison pen troll. She dont belong here.

  • I believe in the EU but dragons did really exist and they were miles long u can still find some mud fossils in google earth. great work though but we gotta take what our ancestors are telling us literally, our ancestors were not stupid!!! they know what they saw, as a matter of fact i don't even think we are evolving into a greater, smarter human being, i think WE are a DEVOLVING species that needs technology in order to keep up with the rest of the universe.

  • This must of been what the Australian aboriginals describe as the Rainbow serpent which created the lands in there Dream time stories

  • You know I commend you all for your work. But if you're working with vacuum chambers to simulate space. Wouldn't a chamber with an invisible magic barrier to hold the vacuum of space be more appropriate.
    Or how about admitting that a vacuum can't be pulled on something with out a solid barrier.
    Let me guess, atmospheric density right? Come on, you got the stupid serpent Sumerians, pictures of dragons plasma serpents, I mean really. Satan said space is real so let's science it till it's real , right?
    No, I'm a refrigeration and air conditioning technician, I pull a vacuum on every refrigerant system repair I do. I cannot pull a vacuum with out a solid barrier between inside the lines and the air, in other words if the pipe has a hole, no vacuum.
    There is zero proof of the imaginary vacuum of space. If there was you would be able to reproduce an invisible barrier to hold a vacuum in a lab. If you can analyze the fake barrier then you should be able to copy it. Science is god right? That's what all these ancient cultures did, they just worshipped physics they didn't understand.
    Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds.
    Now everyone respond with "science, blah, blah, blah, religion, blah, blah, blah, ignorant, blah, blah, blah, monkey, blah, blah, blah, dinosaurs, blah, blah, blah" because anyone trying to say that an invisible, intangible barrier no matter how dense, can hold a vacuum is going to sound just that stupid

  • It has just occurred to me that the mars scar is from being leveraged by a massive beam of plasma fired from earth. Giza great pirimid specifically. A network of ancient pirimid built in a matrix world wide harnessed earth latent power from lay lines focusing it at giza to be fired. The matrix served as a shield a power station and storage system and ultimately a devastating weapon. Possibly even planet busting one fully charged. It answers so many questions.

  • This one single video has just proven that everything they're telling us about what's happening on the surface of the Moon and all the other planets is completely fabricated or just blatantly wrong.

  • Simple science that any over-educated scientist could have done but why rock the boat. The money is nice I guess. Thanks, Jacob.

  • Pretty cool work from Jacob Gable and as it seems to be more and more the, "Electric Universe" W. Thornhill, is proven to be the correct model. Thanks Jacob, thanks thunderbolts.

  • I conclude the spokes of the wheel in the sky looked life-like. That's why they said: "The great God LIVES fixed in the middle of the sky." Or why they called the tree in the sky "Tree Of Life". This era's sky looks more like mechanics as it works like clockwork. Today's sky inspired the story that a monk told, he'd gone to the edge of the earth and taken a look beyond the dome and seen the clockwork mechanics that move the sun, moon and stars and steer the phases of the moon. So we stopped believing in clestial objects as Gods, and started to believe in an invisible God Who had created the celestial mechanics like a man creates mechanics.

  • So the craters were created quickly. A problem for the standard model. This would indicate that the dinosaurs weren't wiped out by a Asteriod strike. This is why the mainstream doesn't like the Thunderbolts Project.

  • Great news chaps New NASA video pointing out mysteries of lightning on different planets. So although NASA has functioned to hold back science until now, the last line of this 3min video will give great hope to the EU people, as it looks like some NASA scientists are fans of the EU and want to come out of the closet. Very last line of the NASA video says Some scientists believe LIGHTNING CAUSES CRATERS Cause for celebration is this.
    There must be a be a triumphant EU video this week.
    NASA ScienceCasts: Lightning Across the Solar System

  • The dome over our flat Earth is solid ice. It is crystal clear because the water is pure. There is a flat round spot at the top of the dome. This is a lens. The plasma spiraling down has it's light go through the lens. The focal point is the sun. The movement of the plasma is the movement of the sun. The plasma spiral is controlled by electro-magnetic current. One ring of the spiral is one day. The "tube" pulses giving seasons. Contraction equates to a near sun in the northern "hemisphere"– summer, the sun at the Tropic of Cancer. Expansion = sun at Tropic of Capricorn, winter in the north. BrianAustinLambert33 explains it; it is his model. The spiral is wide at the top and increasingly narrower at the bottom. When the plasma reaches the bottom (winter solstice?), a global reset event happens. The sun disappears for 3 days. The Electro-Magnetic field (dome) keeping objects down shuts off, and a rapture occurs as people and things rise. People rising will be crushed to death, either by smashing into other things or back to the ground. Plasma will eject everywhere, causing fires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. The ice dome will crack causing huge hailstones. Tsunamis will cause shore lands to sink. The plasma can melt ground. It will be hell on Earth for a week, and most will likely not survive. Resets have occurred in the past. The Mud Flood was the most recent– date not known, perhaps between 1790 and 1820? Atlantis disappeared in a reset. Perhaps Lunaria too. Genesis 1:1, perfect creation. Genesis 1:2, worldwide reset. Rest of the chapter, what happened after– the recreation. Note water already existed. Hieroglyphics in thumbnail of this video ate plasma depictions found on artifacts and cave walls. Maybe the Mayans knew and our calendar is off by a few years. Strange lighting in skies 2019 indicate next reset coming soon. CA fires may have been plasma caused (maybe some anyway, and others DEW). Fascinating study.

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