Eijbergen dreaming of a medal

so right there is Eric and finally on court at the European games how did it feel going to that code in there amazing feeling yeah I was very much prepared and playing in such arena I mean that's pretty cool and looking at the scoreboard it looked quite confident I guess how did how do you see it yeah actually the same way in the first set I started really well sharp but I made some stupid errors but in the second one I was very ready and less mistakes and yeah when they look at the group that you're in I see a division between two players you and Beatrice Corral's you will fight for that first spot in the group if we look on the paper is that also the feeling you have going into this European games I mean when I saw it at first yes of course but I still have to play tomorrow against Belarus so I'm not talking about the rest just a game pro game hmm you look in a good shape look like you have find the move and already are on the court how did you prepare yourself for the European games and then I went back to Poland and I trained there for two weeks and it's no secret that it has been a bit back and forth for Switzerland some weeks Hall in some ways and back to Switzerland again how's it working out more in the beginning it was quite hard but I find a way and it's nice to change your environment and going back to Holland it's nice seeing my friends my family and especially for such a great offend it's good to be here surrounded with very important people people we have done a lot of interviews – couple of years last couple of years you and I and I know that you will say it's the step by step game by game but every sports man and woman I was also have an end goal for each turn and what what is the big end goal for you here I'm aiming for a medal but as I always say I don't want to look forward too much but I prepared very well so I feel actually pretty confident and I'm looking forward to play every every game here and the funny fact around you and Beatriz Corrales is not that you just two girls going on called you're playing in the same club you know each other very well how is it to be drawn in the same group as Beatriz I think it's actually pretty fun I mean we know each other we coach each other in team matches we make fun we're good friends so I think it's only good I'm very much looking forward to play better and finally suryya Minsk multi-sport event not that often that we do that in badminton how is it amazing yeah this is amazing and I love to be in this athlete village with all the people who have the same mindset yes amazing feeling

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