Eighth Grade's Bo Burnham wins the 2019 Writers Guild Award for Original Screenplay

it's a tricky political climate that we live in today and there are some unfortunate pictures of me out there so I figure I just get right ahead of it and make this announcement before the story kind of broke I appeared in a Klu Klux Klan robe in the film black Klansmen you have to member this is a different time there's a different place these pictures were taken all the way back in early 2017 I was just immature kid of 38 years old at the time I hope that you can all find in your hearts to forgive me and now as Stacy my PR crisis manager says it's time for the healing to begin here are the nominees for the outstanding original screenplay Bo Burnham for eighth-grade [Applause] laughs thank you very much to the other nominees in the category have fun at the Oscars losers now are you all right no I heard nothing of this a this all belongs to LC Fischer who performed the script no one would care about the script if she hadn't done it so thank you to her thank you to the guild this is incredible I joined the guild when I was 18 and my mother who was here signed me up for it and did the paperwork so thank you to my mother for doing that and my father who did nothing who's also here ah how is this happening this is wonderful I I believe in love thank you to 8:24 chelsea peretti was incredible another hand for chelsea peretti the greatest this has been a fun eccentric awards ceremony thank you for everything Topher Ron you're good run thank you very much have a great night appreciate it


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