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Edwards & Co Oscar G3 V Edwards & Co Oscar Mx

– Hi, guys. I’m Anita from Global Baby and today I’m going take
you through the differences between the new Edwards & Co Oscar MX and the Edwards & Co Oscar G3. So the MX is going to replace the G3. Okay, first thing to
notice about both strollers is that they are three wheelers so that’s going to mean
it’s good for bumpy terrain, off-road, that sort of thing. The Oscar G3 has air filled wheels. That means that you’ll
get better suspension if you go somewhere really bumpy, but, the drawback I guess, is that you’ll have to maintain
them by pumping them up and you run the risk
of getting a puncture. But you do in there have, an air pump. The Oscar MX has foam filled
wheels, so they’re lighter. They still have good suspension
because they’re rubber with foam filled and,
you’ll never get a puncture and, you’ll never have to maintain them. Both strollers have the reversible seat. That’s something that
we always advocate for at Global Baby because I really
think it’s important for, or beneficial for you to be able to have a bit of a dialogue,
have a bit of a chat with your child, with your
baby while you’re walking. When they’re a bit older they
might want to turn around and face the rest of the world. That’s good, and you can
easily, for both strollers, turn this seat around. So that’s parent-facing, and that’s world-facing. The seats have a different
reclining system. With the Oscar G3 you’ve
got a little handle at the back of the seat, here. And you’ve got three positions, upright, reclined, or
semi-reclined, and reclined. And then with the Oscar MX it’s just these round buttons here, and you can recline the seat. Should we talk about
the look of the frame? The look of the frame is quite different because this one you can see some rivets and bits and pieces along here. With the Oscar MX
they’ve put a lot of work into getting the look a lot
more streamlined and designer. And you also now have your tan leatherette handle bar and bumper bar. Both of them have the adjustable handle. What’s next? What should I show you? Let’s show you the fold. Very similar system for both strollers. I think that the Oscar MX, that the fold is a bit more compact. And also the Oscar MX is 2 kilos lighter. So a little bit easier
to lift into your car. You can fold them with the seat on only when the seat’s facing away from you. Okay, and fold the
Oscar G3, fold it there, walk it in to you and
it also has the little plastic piece at the
side to hold it in place. And they’re really similar in size. Now, the really beneficial
thing about both strollers, is that you can build
your own travel system without need for adapters. So you can attach the carry cot, or the capsule really super easy. So I will show you the carry cot first. Take the seat off. Both carry cots are approved
for overnight sleeps. And this is the carry cot for the MX. And it’s got a new fabric
and also comes with this really cool sun shade,
which you will zip on here and kind of pull over
the bottom of the carry cot. It’s a nice little feature. So there is the MX. And that’s the G3. They’re really similar. Probably the biggest difference is the way that you remove them. Because there’s a little tricky bit at the front of the carry cot for the G3. But for the MX the system
for removing the seat, the carry cot and the capsule,
are all exactly the same. So it’s just got the memory button there. You can press one side
then press the other. You don’t have to hold
them down at the same time. And then the capsule is very
very similar to each other. Just, the difference
is the connectors here. So a big difference is you can’t use the capsule for the G3 on the MX. You can’t use the capsule
for the MX on the G3. And the same goes for the carry cots. And for the G3, I forgot this, to lock the capsule in you’ve
gotta put the handle forward. But, for the MX you can just
have the handle anywhere. It locks in there. That’s it. That is the Edwards & Co. Oscar G3 compared to the Edwards & Co Oscar MX. I hope you found it helpful. We’ve got the MX in store now. Pre-orders for October delivery. We’re at 161 Manukau Road in
Epsom, or Thanks

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