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Education Counts : Award-winning short film based on Child Labour

Go! Get the ball! Hey! Thanks! You are cool! No no! I am Ajay!
I am Roshan, will you be in my team?! Never! This is all child’s play! And I do WORK! I hope you are ok! Thanks.. my friend! Ay! What nonsense is happening there?!
Get back to work! NOW!
Gotta run. Work beckons! Let’s meet at Babu’s chai stall! 6pm! Lazy bones! Spilt the milk everywhere! This will go out of your salary, get it! Lazy lump! Get on!
Sorry saab! Sorry, sorry, so sorry my friend! Got stuck! Phew! Lot of Work today! Salaam Ajay brother! Chai?! Chai?! Oh, take it easy! My treat! 2 special! Absolutely! Right away! Thanks for the ball…. and for saving me as well. Mention not! All in a day’s work! Brother, your special…. Did u speak to the supervisor about me…? Didn’t get the time. Will let you know. Now go! This Sachin is in the wrong business. Doesn’t even get half the salary I earn. Sorry… I didn’t know that you couldn’t… Why do you go to school?!
So that you can work later and make money. Correct?! Look at me… I am already earning And have the experience too! Er… change…? Keep it! Is there a fancy dress competition today? No mom. I am not going to school today. Why? Why do we go to school anyway? I can go straight to work, mom… Experience counts! What work?
Ummm… With Ajay, the one who works at the construction site.
I too want to earn money.. Son.. do you know that kids are forbidden to work? All kids need to be in school! Really?! Oh.. HI!.. friend…
Huh?! Who did this to you?! Ajay, the protects us children.
Your supervisor needs to be taught a lesson! Huh?! Are you out of your mind?! He… he!!
NEVER! He won’t ever be able to touch you. I promise you that!
But… I will lose my job! You should be in school. At your age Education Counts. Experience doesn’t! Tell me, you trust me? 10 9 8 1098? Yes! This is the number of CHILDLINE.
They help children… Roshan you did a very compassionate deed. Security, inclusion and progress is the right of every child below 18 years. What does the heck does that mean? Just like Roshan, you too have the Right to Education Without Education, both you and Sachin will be trapped in poverty. This is a vicious circle… poverty… misery.. and disease. A healthy childhood will give you a.. …strong and happy future. Ajay is an amazing football player! Certainly! When he grows up he can play for the nation too. And what is good about me? For that we shall need to send you to school! The ones who employ child labour, with the pretext of helping them are actually doing so because they pay the children half the money of the adults. Thief! Brother.. did u speak to the coach? Can I… er… be in your team…?


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