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Editing the Oscar-nominated sound of FIRST MAN | TIFF 2019

“Shut down.”
[Clicking sound] [Lee] Neil and Buzz land. We build up the sound while
inside the lunar module for them trying to open the door because of the pressure
difference, and once it opens up, the sound just escalates
and builds up into this overwhelming, sudden loudness, and then it suddenly cuts
off into pure silence… [Loud, crescendoing whirring sound] [Abrupt silence] … just to surprise and
overwhelm the audience, to take in the image of
the moon. And also, I think Damien wanted to sell the idea of deep space to be this — to have this
chilling effect, but calm. [Beep over intercom] “Buzz, this is Houston. F2, 1/160th second for shadow photography
[radio chatter in background] on the sequence camera.”
[Beep over intercom] “I’m going to step off the limb now.” [Morgan] On the film, my main
job was dealing with the production dialogue and
ADR, all the spoken words. When they’re on the moon,
they’re saying lines that we’re all very familiar with. So we wanted to
reference the originals but have the actors actually
performing those lines. “That’s one small step for man… [radio static] … one giant leap for mankind.” [Morgan] Just a little while ago,
I was talking to someone who had just seen the film
and said, “Oh, so you used the original recordings on the moon.” And I was like, “No, we didn’t.”
I was so happy to hear that [laughter] because we actually — the actors, when they were performing the lines, referenced and listened
to the original lines, and then we took them and
tweaked them a little more, manipulated them, and then added futzes to make it sound like the actual lines. [Smooth music]

  • I love hearing Mission Control (corrected) say F2 1/60th of a second for the photo in shadow he was about to take. Not only were they trained to go to the moon they learned expert photography too.

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