Eddie Hearn lyes devaluing Oscar Rivas life inspired my spontaneous trip 2 Dallas

barbershop conversation guys feel free hit the subscribe button so surprise surprise never told y'all niggas I was coming to Dallas I didn't know I was coming I'm gonna give you out September 28th is going up is going down in my city I can't wait to be an ambassador in the trailblazer for the sport of boxing I'm so excited I can't talk I can't I can't breathe no didn't forgive me for saying that rest in peace Eric Gardner you know I mean it's sad I came and say that quote without even thinking without even having that thought right you know I mean it's sad that I can't even Drive by a police officer without having a sense of anxiety you understand what I'm saying I'll tell you guys the story of my uh my I have a neighbor who is a police officer right he's a Howard Grant military man police officer and we're always like comparing he's a huge boxing fan right and we both you know I mean we both have a stuff in our so that shit don't get taken down we both have stuff in our safety our safety our security box right to protect our family right and we always having stories about stuff like that and we always have police stories but because he worked for the police station the police officers that and there's a sergeant at on the corner house there's always police officers literally parking because you can't park on one side of the street you don't need to park on my side of the street well I'm always saying police officers pulled over talking to him because he's doing he's remodeling his home so he's always outside and police always always stop and talk because they're patrolling the neighborhood and he used to be a he used to be a sergeant for the police department and so I come out every so often and I always talk shit right and then he says he says and always told I had a conversation one time with two black police officers right and I'm getting in my car getting in my Honda right and I want to make this very visual as visual as I can and I'm going to workout going to go box ago go lift weights at Planet Fitness right and and I tell them I says um I says man I when I see your car I get so much anxiety I have this trauma I use the word trauma there's so much trauma black man when you see a police car when you see a police car and it's important front of your driver even though I know you're not coming from me I still have this organic trauma and the police officer said imagine me getting in the car to drive it you know I thought that was funny but I loved the fact that he honored the fact of the realities of our in you understand what I'm saying and so I don't know where that story came from but moving forward moving forward I'm in Dallas I'm in Dallas Texas man and I didn't tell y'all because I didn't want the enemy to know I was coming I didn't want Eddie hurt to prepare for me so I didn't told you I was coming here's the backstory I'm working out yesterday I plan to fitness trying to stay in shape my old ass trying to stay in shape right and I get a phone call but prior to that yesterday which was Wednesday I had to take Dillion white had just popped dirty right right was that Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday I don't know when when we got the news but I had I had already it was Japanese night at Dodger Stadium right and that's an annual event right you guys know that my my kids are a quarter Japanese right and so we it's an annual event for us they give us jerseys and shit that they put our name because we always get like 50 tickets they put our name on the on the big screen you know I mean and so so we do we do that every year and so I I couldn't be as involved as I could that day but the next day Thursday the next day Thursday I am livid all fucking morning I'm listening to y'all videos I'm falling asleep waking up listening to videos listening to live egos live you know I wake up listening to true boxing talk Julia the truth the list goes on and on the boxing boy shoutout to all y'all man you guys are pioneers for the sport of boxing I fuckin thank y'all I love you I don't always agree with y'all motherfuckers but I love the fact that shoes you want to wear front and line it right and so I'm listing the Treo boxing top and the first time in my life I swear to Jesus Christ I had to cut tril boxing talk off because I was too emotionally invest and I was fuckin furious that this nigga over devalued Oscar Revis life for fucking I don't care who you are and you could be my Archie you could be my uncle I'm not gonna devalue a life for the sake of a handful of dollars all right and so so I had to cut it off and I had to compose myself I was I had just parked at a planet fitness right and I I work out with a friend of mine who subscribed to my channel I see three or four people in the gym or subscribe to my channel they recognize me and now we've developed a relationship right so so we always talk about when I walk in out we always talk boxing for 10 minutes and always tell the niggas like nigga we ain't gonna had this comment said cuz that nigga got to work out cuz I got to be gloved up by 10 to 15 in the gym like there's a boxing gym is literally a half a mile from Planet Fitness and I got to be gloved up by 1015 it's just a ritual it's just how I believe I'm a creature of habit as it relates to that right and so so well 10 o'clock I'm going overboard now right about 10 o'clock about 10 o'clock in the gym I get a phone call and was like I forgot it was a fight in Dallas I swear to God I wouldn't even think about it all week I was more in tune with Tang Davis you know anything he got the key to the city the day before and I felt really good or he that day I felt really good shout to Ellie for covering him I felt real real good about Tang Davis and what what he was and what he has become today he was a real inspiring story I used the term Redemption song right it was a great redemption song right so so I uh I get a call and there's like you know there's a fight in Dallas you should come and I'm boiling over I never cover Eddie Hurley Vince and the reason why I don't cover any hard events because they don't have a lot of black athletes I love supporting black athletes I love supporting PBC because they have the most black athletes they have the most minority ethic I fucking love Mikey Garcia I fucking love covering Danny Garcia you understand that list goes on and on and on right and so so so I cover PVC for the most part I love covering the black guy I want these motherfuckers make all the money possible right and we've learnt this week right between dealing white test and positive and the two deaths the the two abrupt deaths that we've had in boxing it's important that these brothers get their flowers these sisters now sisters as well get their flowers and have the ability to smell them I repeat that they get they flowers and have all their senses to smell the flowers hold the flowers embrace the flowers love the flowers know that there are actually flowers you would say what I'm saying and I I think that's incredibly important right so so I forget where I'm at oh yeah covered in fighter so so I am so last night so it's about 10 o'clock I forgot where was so it's about 10 o'clock and and and I said I get a call you say there's fighting down so cool let's go and then I go sting ding ding ding ding named Eddie Hearn Dallas I don't have her credential I've never applied for a credential for tort for the zone event but I can afford to go to Dallas and I have so much boxing equity like you guys don't only see the front side of this after I do a video I get ten calls I get ten texts I get ten deems I get ten emails from fans of boxing promoters and boxing businessmen and boxing fighters every day every single day of my life I'm gonna get a call a text from someone in boxing whether they say Fred that was some bullshit fuck what you said about that video fuck you you got your fucking nerve right what did I say Fred that was a dope-ass feeling either way III try I'm gonna stand on my square regardless of everything that I say I for the most part I believe you understand I'm not gonna say I don't believe it but sometimes I can be wrong and then I get the information later and now and I've been proven wrong right so I says I can fucking go to Dallas and get Eddie Oscar Rivas life is worth $400 the culture is worth more important is worth more than four none doubt worth more than $400 right the the love I have for the sport what I want to give back to the sport what I want to leave in a sport how I love and y'all y'all are the reason why I am here remember I want to take my son to the drooly Saturday and Sunday file my stories on Instagram I spend a lot of time at the drew league in the summertime and I want my son to be raised in the drooly the reason why because you got to have landmarks in a child's life right I'm only gonna be 41 for a year I'm only gonna be 42 for a year right I'm gonna die at some point in my life and I want that I want I want to have a staple in my child's life and I think the drew league can be that right it's it's my culture right basketball was my first love so I take pride and taking my son to the Julie in a couple years I'll be able in a year next year I'll be able to take my son and daughter to the drooly right and that's gonna be a beautiful thing so make me feel special and it's free and I shake hands and hug people that look like me and I get to watch some great basketball right and so I want to do that but then I said you know what I gotta do this for y'all I gotta do this for us I gotta do this for the sportive box and I believe no disrespect to any other media outlet y'all do what y'all do I hold myself in high regards okay I'm the only media member that walks the ground that walks this earth that can do what I do all right I stand for what I believe I'm not afraid of no fighter so I can beat up every fighter I'm not afraid of no one and on this planet am I afraid of yeah a lot of people can fuck me up beat me above all I'm gonna do is dust myself off and go back to doing these YouTube videos that's all I'm gonna do I'm being real I'm being this.g with you as I can be I can I can afford to pay my doctor bills you know I mean matter of fact my health insurance is free Dre is a doctor but health insurance is fucking free so anyways I saw so I said up so I said I'm getting on the fucking plane five hours later I'm on the fucking plane to Dallas right and all I have is a car I don't have no hotel booked up I don't have enough I don't tell nobody I only tell two people I'm coming to Dallas right because I didn't want to be officially nekkid while I'm here just in case there's a problem is it's just a black thing right you never want to go anywhere neck it's maybe it's just growing up or growing up Bloods and Cripps essays you know I mean you never want to go to a city naked so you always make sure that that nigga got you you know I mean for real what's understood don't have to be explained right so I'll call two people just in case right and actually called me Fred you're good you're good I had two people calling back because they thinking they saw my stories they knew I had landed it's not that I want to see them but just in case I need y'all niggas to be 15 minutes away ten minutes away just in case something popped off I don't know I'm the only one here you know I mean and so so so with that being said I'm in Dallas Texas Eddie Hearn pissed me off to the highest of pests if ities man festivities what is that Martin festivities what is that what is that put that shit in the comments s piss me off to the highest of festivities what shit calm a movie was that shit you know B so I think it's a Martin shit right something like that or was it a living color I don't know anyways tell me in the comment section so um so I am here because I was so livid and if I say something I have to see if I can realize it I said Wednesday I gotta get my ass to Dallas right Thursday I had to make it happen you know I mean I had to make sure that my children my children were squared off shout all the grandparents in the world man y'all make the world go around man without Lincoln's grandparents in their life man I wouldn't be able to cover nearly not nearly as many fights you know me Dre has a grueling work schedule you understand and she carries the trauma of uh Kent kids with cancer child children being abducted children with HIV positive and and and and sometimes I was our our schedules conflict meaning that she has to work and I want to cover a boxing match right and the grandparents do a fabulous job at making sure that I'm able to work and provide and give back to the sport of boxing and Dre is able to work and care for the kids man because she's a she's a she's a partner you know I don't want to say well she works for but she's a partner and she's a hospitalist right so she sees all the man the grueling stories man I'll do a video about that sometimes I don't want to get emotional so so so shout out all the grandmothers in the world and shout out for y'all holding me down accountable I love ya I didn't want to let y'all know because I equate this to a guy named Muhammad I equate this to a guy with the last name of Sheinberg right you never didn't want the enemy to know that you're coming right and I didn't want to announce to the world and and and that's why I never changed my name to Barak Mohammed I thought about changing my name for real right and I know Fredrik Hawthorne is the most blandest and I'm a corny motherfucker – I'll admit but it's the most blandest name in the world Fredrik Halling right maybe I'm white right maybe I'm black if I'm applying for a loan I can sound white than a motherfucker when when the underwriter calls me when I want to buy a property I sound white dinner motherfucker because I'm trying to get as low as load as I can you know I'm saying I came to fry I played the game as best I can and did when I got his show – Snickers black it happened to be so many times I swear to God I'm gonna start sharing those stories in real real life but uh but I've never changed my name because I never wanted them seemed see didn't see me coming and I and I know what I stand for right and I know the energy that I exude right and so I've never I've wanted to change my name to a Barack to a Mohammed to a Cassius to an Islander like you know I mean and I've never changed it because I never wanted any Hearne guys like him to see me coming you know I mean so and however you feel about whether you change your name I fucking love you I respect Muhammad Ali change his name cream excuse me luau sender changed his name I humbly respect so however you feel about this situation absolutely 100% correct right but I am in Dallas Texas because I love the sport of boxing right and and I've had I'm not going yeah I've had so many people say I can't believe you did this you're amazing how much where do I send your where do I send money I'm not lying I have so many people today that's a I want to help you pay for it sure I can't believe you did this you're fucking amazing two things feel free to donate I'm not saying you donate to me right cash out I don't go live much feel free but here's the bigger picture here's the bigger picture Frederick Hawthorne does okay financially right here's what I want you to do that little kid you see walking down the street every day buying my bag of potato chips and talk to him alright alright that little girl walking down the street by her bag and potato chips and talk to her right go spend $25 that neighborhood kid you know little rough on it I was rough I only got a haircut once every two months when I was a kid so I could have used you talking to me Pam from my haircut I had a basketball in one hand and a backpack with a what's up with some extra shorts and it didn't have books in it I kept my books at school there I go – you lie yet AVI and some paper book covers I couldn't afford a book cover right and in a paper bag news book cover right so so take the time use that $15 to go pay for kids haircut and talk to him inspire teach him how to tie your tie you're not me teach them how to walk on the outside of a woman teach them how to open up the door for a woman you understand teach them the etiquette C's of sitting at dinner you understand little things like that that go a long fuckin way because 50% of our kids will grow up without two parents all right I'll say this again 50% of us I don't care if you're white black Mexican ultimate the totality of America over 50% of the children in America will grow up without two parents right I'm not gonna sit here and say fatherless child's of motherless child without two parents right and especially with the okay with the lgb GGG whatever that shit is right y'all – okay all right all right whatever the Toltec the total shit of America over 50% of us right and-and-and we gotta be pioneers ambassadors and we got to give back to us right and and I'm standing on my platform you don't have to donate to me all right use that money in your community goes a long way it goes so far that you don't fucking understand right so do that I say thank you but yeah if you're in Dallas give back to your community if you and fucking Pittsburgh give back to your community Indianapolis LA New York give back to your community man all right I am okay all right I I had people say Fred where you staying you could come stay in my house Fred you need a car I swear I'm sorry I'm gonna start posting this shit on my Instagram in the comments that I get because I the gratitude not because all fred is all hi I don't give a fuck about that shit I know I come off kind of kind of wild and brash and over confident I am I am all of that but more importantly I believe in humanity I believe in giving back I believe that we are a community right I believe in us all right and I think it's just incredibly important that we believe in us that we believe that we are a community and I am here because we are a community all right yeah stand up and give me my flower stand up again me around upper who doesn't want to be recognized who doesn't I want all of that and in addition to that I need you I need you to be an asset to your community I need you to be an asset to that fatherless a motherless mother this child I need you to do that all right period and the discussion all right so I'm done Barbara it's 349 here now I'm not in LA and Dallas said I got to get up I'm already up shit I should have brought my up my running shoes it'll be a it's a it's 34 degrees Celsius right now I wish I would have brought some shoes and running but uh anyways man barbershop conversation man you guys have a splendid day that's why I am in Dallas Texas for us and I know I am the only person to do this and I have one request that should I'll give back to your community all right I'm going and I'm telling you this I said this before I'm going in somebody's Hall of Fame and it's not for me it's for my son it's for my grandchild it's I want my name to live forever all right who doesn't want their name to live forever right that's what we want we want to leave a legacy financially you want to leave a legacy and visibly we want to leave a legacy and I know financially is a synonym for leaving a visible legacy but at the end of the day man let's give back to our community let's give back to our subcultures that we are a part of whether it's the boxing community whether it's the 100 black men community whether it's the n-double a-c-p whether it's whether whether you pledge to a black sorority or fraternity and I'm using black examples on purpose okay we don't get enough credit in this society I fucking love y'all all my black men I fucking love y'all to death all right look like for real for real like for real I love y'all to death and we are we are pillars in this society we're not gonna get all the credit that's why I said we gotta use our social medias we gotta use our platform to really demonstrate and show the world how great we are barbershop conversations man feel free hit the subscribe button and I'll talk to you guys soon peace


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