No at the family tree comment Dillion white now his career is not in a good one he could come out yo you curcumin can say this has been investigated for he is cleared of all situations charges blah blah blah and people would still what do you think every Devin you see it every time he tweaks every time I've been tweeting today yeah well you let that fire happen right no I did not let the fire happen it there was a hearing he was cleared he was approved to fight via these people you know so again look you know the Internet's a crazy place but all I can tell you procedure was followed how'd it feel to be part of try to stop that strain of working with another promoter which were barbarian workers great I'm I love being around for cuz he's a legend I mean I thought I was talking about the first 15 minutes of his speech but I II got there in the end didn't it you know so he's a great promoter I mean you listen to his stories about angular burns Leonard Harley oh it's incredible pops not stupid Bob knows a good deal when he sees one this was a good deal for Jose Ramirez they think they can win we think we can leave that's why I can't wait for Saturday night because we're all in you know we're all in as we say in the UK we're form deep and we want to win real good good so what do people have to do to make this so you're doing deals where our you're doing deals will ask her now what everybody is Al and Oscar do it was that what was it gonna take for people to get the bullshit out the way just like deal a deal happens when two parties are happy with a situation in a scenario right sometimes they are sometimes they're not but one thing I'll tell you is our job is to provide the best vibes and the best talent on the Bob's job is to provide the best fires and the best talent on ESPN house job is provide the best fire the best turn on Fox or Showtime right it's not politics best business right so we're all doing our jobs every now and again a great deal and a great opportunity will come up which will change them all Ramirez will fight on design all right Campbell's fighting on ESPN against no mashenka the deal will make sense as long as the network's happy to promote as a happy in the fires envy these things will happen


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