Early 2020 Oscar Contenders Vol. 2

so with the first official Oscar contender of the 2020 season officially coming out tomorrow being once upon a time in Hollywood I thought it'd be a pretty good time to sit back down and talk about four more potential Oscar contenders for this 2020 season it's already pretty loaded I believe we talked about six in the volume one edition of 2020 early Oscar contenders so if you don't hear the film that you're expecting me to talk about in this and you missed the first video there's a relatively solid chance that I've already talked about the film you're looking for in that video so it's worth checking that one out and I'll also be doing a volume three and about a month or so after a little bit more time as passed maybe some more trailers come out maybe some more news happens all sorts of good stuff release dates can shift all the time so keep your eyes open in case the film that you're looking for does not appear on this list I'm glad I waited until later in the day today to film this video it's very late at night because two pretty big things happen today as I'm shooting this video I totally lost track of that sentence I'm gonna try that sentence again two very important things happen today that sort of fall into line with what I'm talking about here one of those things is that all four of the films that I'm discussing today are appearing in the tif lineup in competition and in special presentation all four of the films that I'm about to discuss are in the tif lineup which is a pretty big deal TIFF is always a very big precursor to the Oscars that very commonly follows Venice which the Golden Lion has proved to be pretty beneficial in predicting at least a few things and dictating a few frontrunners and some categories the last two years and with green book taking TIFF by storm last year it's important to be looking at the very least at the lineup of those films so it's pretty good on me I guess for picking four films that wound up on the TIF lineup and on top of that the very first film that we're talking about today has a trailer drop today and if you can't figure out what it is yet it is taiko white tee tees jojo rabbit that's the first film we're going to be talking about ironically enough three of the four films I'm talking about today have trailers but only one of them has critic reviews and that's the one that hasn't had a trailer yet so I don't know if you piece that together before I get to it then good on you so the trailer as well as a few scattered tweets sort of confirmed the suspicions that I'd had when it came to this film and its tone and how that might actually benefit in pushing it towards some Academy Awards campaigning is that it seems as though it's nailing this concept of satire yet kind of breaking your heart giving you reason to care for the characters for the plotline the actual story itself and in recent years it's kind of been proven to us through the Academy Awards and their choices for nominations and even certain wins that they are a fan of satirical films that take on real stories or maybe not even biopics but really grounded topics and concepts and then add a little bit of originality to it I think with films like get out and the favorite recently I think those are two very prime examples of movies that add a little bit of levity to some pretty intense and visceral and real topics that need to be addressed and the Academy honored both of those films in pretty hefty manners in the last two years and I think Jo Jo rabbit kind of has the potential this year to maybe be that film we're centering around what seems to be a Hitler Youth who seems to reside in his fictitious imagination of Adolf Hitler being played by Taika Waititi a Jewish individual which is obviously a pretty big thing for this film he's quoted as saying what bigger fuck you to that guy which i think is the perfect way of phrasing that but the Academy has been getting better and better at awarding originality in these types of films your gross slanty most direction of the favorite and his dark comedy was awarded when many years ago would have been like no Mary Queen of Scots the very basic epic historical drama will be the one to take accolades over the favorite or the same thing with get out where you expect a comedy horror film to land anywhere in the Academy Awards nominations and yet it did and I think you could be looking at something very similar with this film I think the trailer highlights a lot of the comedic aspects of it but Tycho ytt has proved he's really great at making comedy films that tug a little bit at your heartstrings that actually you wind up walking out of and going there was a point to that that stuck with me emotionally and that's what the Academy voters like even though his films haven't been awarded before but I'll get into why I think that isn't a little bit you've got boy you've got hunt for the wildered in the shadows but I've been led to believe there's a little bit of that in there Dora Ragnarok was his Marvel outbreak but he's a familiar name now which is a big thing you know you want your film to get more attention and people are looking for the next Taika Waititi film and I think this one is so out there people are gonna be drawn to it plus it seems as though the production company as well as ytt himself are relatively confident in this film's ability to be nominated for Oscars as a result of its mid-october release date which is pretty prime for Oscars it's not my favorite October isn't the greatest place to be in my opinion the star is born' sort of proved that from last year that really kind of fell off after having been a heavy frontrunner for most of the year preceding October but none of his films before have even seen the light of an award season release yes they've been released in film festivals but usually like something like um for the will to people coming out I believe in June or boy coming out in March I think what we did in the shadows was in May so you know I this seems to be the first time a production company as well as the director himself seemed relatively confident enough in its ability to be nominated for awards that they're putting it in an award season release date which i think is what you like to see out of them plus the film looks great it's shot really well the production value looks really strong and it looks like it's going to be really funny but also have a lot of emotional depth which as I've said sound like a broken record is what the Oscars are looking for the cast is really thing you've got a lot of really talented individuals you've got Taika Waititi obviously you've got scarlet johansson who's never been nominated for an Oscar and many are arguing including myself that she could be due for a performance very time soon you've got new Academy favourite Sam Rockwell nominated two times in the last two years one of which picking up a win maybe looking in another Supporting Actor nomination from him personally I don't see those happening I don't know if Jojo rap it's gonna be the film to propel performances forward and then you've got like rebel Wilson in there which is you know an odd thing you've never really seen her do any drama but I definitely think Jojo rabbit is one to look out for for a slew of different reasons the second film I want to talk about has had a trailer for a little bit longer now I would say about a month I think and it is Ford V Ferrari the true story of the LeMans race in which Henry Ford the second set out on a journey to defeat Ferrari recruiting Ken miles and Carol Shelby I believe is his name Shelby Carol Carol Shelby one of the two what's interesting about this film is it reminds me of the the kind of Taika Waititi Marvel treatment where James mangle now in in mainstream film right seems to kind of be now the director of Logan right even though Wolverine didn't do that to him because it wasn't very well critically received but Logan was so well received not just by critics but by audiences that people are looking forward to whatever James Mangold comes out with next even though Logan isn't entirely a Marvel film it was well received enough that people are kind of giving him the superhero director treatment and as a result even though Logan in itself had success at the Academy Awards picking up a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award nomination which I believe is the first superhero film ever to do that I don't think the Dark Knight picked up a screenplay nomination so even though that film in terms of Oscars the way I see it was a success people forget that James mangled isn't really a stranger to Oscar nominations he's made a couple of films that have picked up some technical noms like 3:10 to Yuma but he's also directed to Academy award-winning performances one out of Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted and one out of reese witherspoon in walked the line way back when the last time james mangold made a biopic for walked the line in which reese witherspoon picked up an academy award it was relatively successful amongst Oscar voters and in a pretty solid slew of categories across the board didn't make it in a picture but that was back when they were only putting five in and I think if they were putting ten in walk the line would have been a shoo-in as at least a nomination so it's interesting to see him kind of back on the biopic game and the film looks interesting that's for sure I think the trailer is a little weird but by that same token I think they're marketing it in a way that they're trying to get people to go see it I think they're trying to make it look more intense than it's probably going to be I think it's gonna be a lot more grounded in depth and more of a character study it seems at least on Christian Bale's character so the trailer is a little hard to make judgments from but it looks well shot it looks intricate it looks detailed it's a technically I guess you could say a period piece in a sense it seems to develop the era of the 60s pretty well and I think with a very strong cast all across the board as mangles has proved he can direct Academy award-winning performances or at the very least nominated performances so I think it could be interesting to see how 20th Century Fox would campaign Matt Damon or Christian Bale I think Christian Bale would probably have a better chance when it comes to nominations this time around as a he is always kind of an Academy Award nominee favorite and B he seems to be the emotional center of the film it looks like Matt Damon is just kind of there to back him but it will also be interesting to see who they campaign as lead and supporting I think that'll be part of the deciding factor of that like I brought up Fox knows kind of how to campaign they're no stranger to campaigning Oscar films there are very well-known high budget Academy Corporation and now they're owned by Disney I think Disney's gonna maybe even try and push it a little further especially with that prime prime November made November release date that's one of my favorite release dates I think November in December is really where you want to be and this film is right smack dab in the middle of that that screams confidence to me in the film and I think that that's going to be a very big thing carrying it forward I guess the question is where it'll be right now if the film it winds up being as strong as I think it could be I think picture is a for-sure nomination I think screenplay is probably a good bet director might be a little more of a stretch it doesn't seem to be going too crazy in terms of doing anything directorial why's that I think mangle could get thrown in there but maybe Christian Bale maybe even Matt Damon it kind of depends on where they campaign whom it's a timely film as well Lee Iacocca who was played by Jon Bernthal in the film recently passed away I don't know if they're gonna do any any kind of thing with that I'm sure the film will be at the very least dedicated to him considering how recent his passing was but I live in Michigan I it's a very big deal that this film is coming out here I know they're talking about some premiere ask stuff happening in the states so I think it's gonna make a pretty big boom when it drops and I think it's gonna have the ability to carry some of that momentum especially if the film is great and the way I'm looking at it it has every right to be great the only thing that concerns me is it's got a really weird team of writers who have written some films that just aren't very good but every now and then you have a film like this that can when you have a strong subject and you have good source material you can get writers to really find some inspiration kind of bounce ideas off of each other well enough and have a director who knows how to translate that into really good work especially with a cast so strong who can even sometimes make not as great dialogue sound good I really think for Viva our Ford V Ferrari is one to look out for it's definitely one to check out when November rolls around and I think it could be a very big contender and a lot of different categories especially technical categories and something like cinematography sound editing sound design production design all that stuff I think it's definitely one to check out the third film I want to talk about is one that was brought up on stream to me actually I watched the trailer on stream and I promised talk about this movie because I think it's an interesting case in terms of Oscars is the Goldfinch which is the new John Crowley film I believe the only film I'm talking about out of these four that isn't technically historical really at all Jojo rabbits no biopic but it takes place in a historical era this is just sort of a work of fiction to my knowledge yeah it's based off of a novel and it was adapted by Peter straw Han who is himself a familiar Oscar individual he was nominated back in 2011 for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy hasn't been nominated since but I think maybe this could be a solid chance for him to come back now the reason I'm talking about this film is if you're a follower of this channel at all you know that there's one thing that I think can be almost an automatic disqualification to any Oscar contender anyone who wants to be nominated for an Academy Award but won't be and the answer to that is a September release date you never you never ever ever ever ever want to release in September especially in these past couple of years there have been far too many instances of films releasing in September that have simply been masked by better films and more poignant films that have come out in October November and December and even a few in limited release in January early January September films just get buried by other movies and they find themselves in those sixth and seventh places and they never really seem to shine examples that I can think of are like black mass which was a complete vehicle to get Johnny Depp nominated but he fell under once other films came out with better performances and performances that managed to gain that momentum because they were around closer to the nominations they were fresher in Academy voters Minds something like stronger which is a really great film in my opinion that perfectly should have warranted Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana maslany both Oscar nominations fell under the radar for the same exact reasons and the Goldfinch has that middle of September we state which really irks me now last time I talked about a film with a September release date was last year with boy erased and about 30 minutes after I published the video they pushed the release date back to November so I'm being very careful with talking about this film but there's a trailer out there's posters they've started to market this film and it seems like it's going to be released in September I don't know exactly even if it's going for Oscar contention it is on the tif lineup which is a good sign usually when you're at the very least gonna campaign even um it's not a biopic it's not a sure story which even with like black mass and stronger even those had those going for it and didn't really pan out for either of those films those are just two examples somebody threw money ball out as an example to me of a September release that that did have success in Academy nominations and I agree with you but any time Aaron Sorkin writes pretty much anything at the very least film wise since Charlie Wilson's War in 2007 it's gonna be nominated somewhere right whether Justin's screenplay in a couple of performances or all across the board when Sorkin writes a movie you can probably bet your ass it's going to be somewhere so Sorkin Sorkin but that September release date man it just really bugs me especially when you don't have the the easy biopic out and what I think the film does have some things going for it that I think could propel it forward a really strong cast a cast of really talented actors whom like Nicole Kidman which the Academy loves even Ansel Elgort who's on the up-and-up constantly I think you do have a really strong overall ensemble that could lead to possible nominations there you also have john crowley who directed brooklyn which was in itself a success when it came to oscar nominations it took three but they were three in pretty sizable categories you had a picture nomination a leading actress nomination for saoirse ronan and you had an Adapted Screenplay nomination i believe or an original screenplay it was one of the two but he's obviously no stranger to the Oscars but what I really think could be the big thing pushing it is Roger Deakins who is the cinematographer on the film did a little bit of math and since 2000 he's pretty much got a 60% nomination to non nomination ratio in terms of years right 60% of the years since 2000 he has been nominated for an Oscar at least one Oscar I think in 2008 he was nominated for two whatever year no country for old men was nominated believe those 2008 he was nominated for two so that's you know he could flip a coin and have 10% more odds that he was going to be nominated for an Academy Award and I think he'd even have a better ratio if backed by like Shawshank that era he was focusing more on just doing one or two films a year that was back when he was cinematographer on like three or four which is I think a lot of what what hurt him ultimately in in not having more nominations even though the guys got a shitload and in recent years he's mainly been focusing on one film or two films a year this year he's focusing on to the Goldfinch in the 1917 and more often than not you see him pop up and the film from the trailer looks beautiful it's shot pretty flawlessly in at least those two and a half minutes worth of footage and I think Deakins being something of a shoo-in for cinematography nomination could be something that propels this film forward that being said unless 1917 which is a Sam Mendes film which are he's also no stranger to Academy Awards unless they decide to campaign cinematography there then I think this film was really fucked but I think Deakins could act as just a little bit of a propeller forward to go hey pay a little bit of attention to this film because you've already got Deakins a cinematographer you know you're gonna be paying attention to it already for that element alone take into account the direction take into account the performances all that kind of stuff we're gonna have to wait and see on this one like I said September release day it's gonna have to be a really great film and it's really gonna have to stick in people's minds which is very difficult to do with that release date the final and fourth film I'm going to be talking about is the one that out of a trailer yet but does have critic reviews is the report I believe being directed and written by Scott Z burns a relatively new face when it comes to Academy Awards the report broke out pretty well at Sundance receiving some pretty strong critical reception out of just initial critics who saw it people really love this movie which is odd considering there's no trailer or anything or a poster but it is on the TIF lineup which is a good sign and having that early early Oscar talk can be a big thing if you're able to just sort of transcend through all of these months right you know kind of make your ground at Sundance hit TIFF maybe even Venice I'm not positive if this film is gonna be in Venice and then hit your release and manage to stick in people's minds through those months hit the Golden Globes and all that stuff that's sort of the track that you want to follow there is one thing frightening me about that it is another September release however it's very late in September which I'm willing to be a little lenient on and it gets an online release early in October someone did point out to me the Oscars are I believe two weeks earlier this year so I guess that kind of gives a little bit of wiggle room but September's still a little worrisome to me because even with the Oscars being two weeks earlier studios are still probably focusing their films and those October November and December release dates so September still not the place you want to be but it's late enough in September where I'm willing to be a little bit more lenient to it as opposed to something like the Goldfinch which is just smack dab in the middle of September but you know something that I do think benefits it even with that September release date is the film has been seen already the film has been seen and the film has been liked and it's going to hit TIFF which is gonna be another kind of point in the relay race that's gonna give it a little bit more propulsion into that release date which is probably going to be very very shortly after I think it's a two maybe two weeks after it's Amazon Studios who has had some pretty solid luck in their campaigning usually they get one or two great campaigns every year Manchester by the sea back in 2016 was very successful at the Oscars the big sick did decently okay I think it's July release date really wound up hurting it I think if you put that thing in like October or November you could have seen it all over the place I think its release date cost Holly Hunter a nomination and they costed a Best Picture nomination which is too bad because it was a great film but even last year something like Cold War was a pretty immense success for Amazon studio showing up in a lot of places you wouldn't expect a foreign film to be in Best Director cinematography all over the board oh I know the Goldfinch is also an Amazon release but it's being distributed by Warner Brothers so the campaigning is a little different I think the report is probably gonna be Amazon Studios focused in terms of campaigning they picked it up really quick after Sundance if I recall correctly the cast is strong Adam driver obviously coming out off a nomination he seems to be the one driving the film got Annette Bening who is a classic Oscar favorite I believe with four nominations for an Oscar maybe five it's four you've got a Corey Stoll you got Jon Hamm it's got a perfect subject matter for the Academy Awards there aren't many films centering around 9/11 and this is tackling a different angle of that which I think the Academy will be very interested in the last film I can think of that was successful from as a result like that that touched on 9/11 was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which picked up a good amount of nominations including one in Best Picture I honestly think the report is one that's definitely gonna pick up nominations I have a gut feeling about it especially considering how strong the critical reception has been for it I think the Academy is really gonna love this I think if they're gonna find it really interesting to see the new way or not the new way the new area of this incident they're touching on it's always kind of fascinating to see these types of films especially when they're done well and with respect and with great performances with great direction and great writing and it seems that this is that film I'm gonna keep kind of sitting back on it I'm going to wait for a trailer and I'm going to wait to see how it does a TIF because that September release date still lurked me a little bit but we're gonna see we're gonna find out very very soon but that's gonna do it for this volume of early 2020 Oscar contenders like I said there will be another volume probably coming in about a month or so I'll talk about four or five other contenders before we start actually getting to see the movies reviewing the movies I'm going to do some film festival recaps from Venice and TIFF happen I usually do videos on both of those those are very important in my opinion in terms of what's gonna end up taking some Oscar nominations as well as some big-time Oscars tomorrow I'm gonna have my once upon a time in Hollywood review out it should be late tomorrow but I'm gonna film the review right after I see it so keep your eyes open for that that'll be pretty cool back-to-back uploads but thank you guys so much for watching let me know in the comments below what you think of these four films or what other film you want me to touch on I do use your guys's comments often as movies to look into I'm looking into Joker right now as a movie to talk about next time so keep your suggestions coming they they help a lot of things he has so much for watching and I'll see you all next time

  • Really hope Johansson gets in this year for Jojo Rabbit or her Baumbach movie this season. She was heavily snubbed for Lost in Translation so she deserves it.

  • I’d love to see JoJo Rabbit get loads of Oscar Nominations, but I kinda doubt it. I think the most likely nominations would be original screenplay, production design, costume design and possibly cinematography. I just have a hard time believing they would nominate something so different and out there. For Get Out and The Favourite, they both have Academy favourite traits. Get Out is a racial drama and The Favourite is a period film, both things the Oscars adore. JoJo Rabbit is, admittedly, also a period piece, but it seems so different and so original that it could be off putting. But I’d love to hear Taika Waititi's Name read out in the list of best director nominees. It'd make my year.

  • And have you heard anything about Cynthia Erivo in HARRIET? I am kind of looking forward to this simply for her …

  • With The Goldfinch … When referring to the book it was so divisive . Some loved it , some found it a thumping bore . So , if Sorkin can work his magic, it could push it into a better light which could pull the actors along .

  • Was wondering if you were gonna talk about the goldfinch. First time I saw the trailer I was blown away, I knew it was going to be a movie I would root come Oscar season. Then I saw that September release date and got upset. I hope it’s good enough to stick in people’s minds, fingers crossed 🤞🏻

  • Dear viewers, don’t spend your money on the cash grab Lion King remake and save it for something worthwhile, a ninth film from an acclaimed filmmaker. Hint hint.

  • I'm betting The Lighthouse will make some major buzz around awards season, or it'll end up like Martin Scorsese's Silence and be forgotten about. Anyway, I'd like to see Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, as well as Robert Eggers get nominations.

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