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E-scooters come to Tucson

you’ll be able to zip around the city on electric scooters the City of Tucson is launching a six-month East scooter program to test out news for Tucson Stephanie Weaver is live at a pre lunch event in downtown to see how they all work yes this is so exciting we are here for an electric scooter showdown we’re joined by razor Taylor strand now these scooters have been popping up all over the country but now the Tucson Department of Transportation is going to be testing these out over the next six months and seeing how they’re doing Taylor strand is with razor so tell me a little bit about how this electric scooter is going to work well yes so as you see we have a different body than some you’ve seen before so we’ve got a double wide deck for some added stability a cec to make a long and short commutes more comfortable a basket on the front to hold your belongings and air tires here 16 inch wheels to give you a smoother ride and so the way that they’re going to be able to locate these and unlock them is by using their smartphone going on the website calling customer service correct correct and where do they have to dock this at the end after they’re done riding well the beauty of this program is you could drive it exactly to where you need to go and as long as you follow city rules of setting it up properly and parking them properly you could take it to and from your location super exciting maybe I’m going to try this out in the next 30 minutes or so so stay tuned for that but about 1500 bikes are going to be available for rent starting next week for now we’re live from downtown Stephanie Weaver news for Tucson all right those are fun to ride thanks Stephanie

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