E-NEWS Interview with Mark Weiss

we hate hearing a story like that of course we certainly wish Jack all the best and now let's turn to a man who knows the Osborne family well he spent his life photographing rock stars like Ozzy and Bon Jovi and now he's showing us his impressive collection David Burtka has the story when I heard Tom Cruise singing in rock of ages wanted you know I was like I did the cover we actually released it as a single sleeve what a trip from rock of ages to rock star photographer mark weiss is giving us an exclusive backstage pass to his star-studded career journey I mean that's you know don't stop believin and this is they were opening up for the rolling stones when I shot that it was like the first time I actually had access to like backstage from Def Leppard to guns and roses and this Bon Jovi cover which was scrapped at the last second Mark's resume reads like a who's who of the music industry including his pick of poisons frontman and reality star Brett Michaels I mean look at that outfit I mean I think he still wears it you know he's got the the best of the leopard and the gloves and the bandana and there's the crowd in the back just loving him some of his most iconic photos available on rock paper photo are of Ozzy Osbourne but Mark showed us his private family collection I remember Sharon and Ozzy left him there and said keep an eye on him for a few minutes you know while they stepped out and I was it filled them I'm chicken Ozzy's kids and years later mark was called to rescue Kelly's disastrous album cover shoots she was a brat you know like she wasn't like she wouldn't give me anything I said take your shoe and throw it at me do something so she took her shoe off and she like threw it at me and that was the shot they used on a cover if anyone would have said that she would she'd be doing something for E as a spokesperson and representing you know I would tell that they were crazy but she's amazing I mean Sharon must announce he must be so proud


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