E-News Family & Friends Sunday

here is your June emus we would like to wish everyone celebrating a birthday in the month of June a happy birthday thank you for joining us today is family and friends day it's going to be a kitchen table top kind of Sunday we are relying on our God for increase for III 20 we are continuing to fast and pray every Wednesday from midnight to 12 noon do you have any special gifts and talents become a volunteer today please see an e3 20% ative after service to sign up and join our volunteer team parking is free for all III twenty church guests and partners write your last name on your parking ticket and place it in the offering bucket during offering redeem your ticket directly after the service from one of our greeters remember follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected and inspired by our weekly post and events also subscribe to e3 22 Tube channel to see clips of weekly sermons and here our weekly announcements remember to invite your friends and family every Sunday to our 11 a.m. Sunday mornings worship service see you next week

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