E! News: BTS Boys Reveal Fans' Weirdest Requests and More!

you're performing the a maze are you excited are you nervous it's crazy but so happy Wow unbelievable your fans are obsessed with you they love you what's the weirdest or craziest thing a fan has asked you to do um I don't want to call it like weird or crazy but there was some some tweet we received that but please give me a dot please you know like please give me a at least a thought so we actually get gave him or her a thought actually yep I mean a dot literally like yes I I mean they want to get our red pot reply right so they say please give me a give me a dot or something so we gave that arm your thought is it still unbelievable to you when you see fans lined up and how many people turn out to see you and wait overnight to watch you of course thank you just it was amazing yeah um actually we got no we got not enough time for going now really but sometimes they recognize this like last time we go we want to flush op in like Fairfax or in New York we went to Soho but some people recognize this in didn't want to go digitally yeah I want to write coding yeah we recorded what you asked I wonder you want to guess some videos no people everything when you're gonna perform in the green they have they set that up for you what's one thing you all like to have in the green room bed bad yeah I will eat sofa one sofa and chungu cold water that's really important for ya and Shimon Moni yes yes and brush brush yeah oh my god they're so humble all they need is banana toothbrush and some cold water we're so cheap


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