E! News Black Swan Segment Featuring Celebrity Makeup Artist Ricky Wilson

well from flatten and blond we turn to be much darker style natalie portman displays and her role as an obsessively driven ballerina in Black Swan for all of you ladies out there totally obsessed with Natalie's new look christina is spilling all of her makeup secrets you what want to be perfect how about perfect makeup your celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson got Natalie Portman ready for her New York City Black Swan premiere and we caught up with him at the Rita Hazan salon to show us how to create her valley inspired look step one is yours air flash spray on foundation it just creates this flawless complexion without feeling like anything's on the skin once your foundation is blended evenly use a highlighting pen down the bridge of your nose the bow of your mouth and the corners of your eyes I'm using a highlighting pin just to give a nice radiance and glow to the skin next apply a pink cream blush to the apples of your cheeks blend it using your fingers to avoid streaks and now it's time for your eyes use a grey cream eyeshadow as a base then finish the eyes by layering powder eyeshadows start with a white transparent shadow to highlight underneath the brow bone what this is going to do it's going to add an instant brightening effect next put a neutral color in the crease of the eye then before we add a black eye shadow I want to pop some shadow shields underneath the eyes and this is going to prevent any black eye makeup I'm falling underneath the eye once the shadow shield is in place apply black eye shadow to the eyelid after you apply the dark black eye shadow just remove the shadow shield then you have no cleanup next apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line now onto the eyelashes start with an eyelash primer to separate and curl the lashes then apply black mascara and finally it's time for lipstick for the lip in this look we're going to keep it very simple because we do have a stronger I start by adding a waterproof lip pencil after lighting the lips apply a light pink lipstick and voila you've got Natalie Portman's look at Dartford lipstick for that red-carpet glamour from a not so ugly duckling to a beautiful flat Swan


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