E! News: Are Superfoods Worth It? // Karina Heinrich

coming up Victoria Beckham's obsessed with bee pollen but is it a super-hype I like that we'll be right back hey friends we're back with certified nutritionist Corinna Heinrich we hear a lot about super foods these days especially in LA all right they worth the hype though I need to know what a superfood is what does that even mean you start foods are nutrient dense foods that help us have clear younger skin thinner healthier bodies and maybe even a longer life Oh sign me up I'm done with all that we hear a lot about CBD yeah yes it's not legal in all areas right well it's become very popular we're just singing xiety reducing pain even decreasing acne and apparently celebrating new babies like Kim Kardashian recently did with her Steven themed baby shower but CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant but has absolutely no side effects so you can take it reap the health benefits without any of the hyperox I give this to my dog would you ever see Beauty to calm her down I've heard that before and sometimes it doesn't have THC in it in some cases so you're not gonna get okay what's superfood can we add easily like everybody seems a little intimidated by it what's something we can well is a great one Rosie huntington-whiteley adds it to anything like her homemade soups smoothies juices I've added it to my homemade antioxidant chlorella smoothie communi all right so Cheers it really helps the shake nation has 65 percent protein all right Anna has more chlorophyll than any other food oh wow which is huge this is very good you start out right off a teaspoon and then you can work your way up up to two tablespoons and we're gonna will plug at the end of this or go ahead and do it now you have a website and it lists all this stuff is it the Corinna Corinna method her all my recipes so if you could use one superfood what would that be what are you hot on right now definitely be pollen and Victoria Beckham recently tweeted that she's obsessed with bee pollen because it's so healthy and I would have to agree Koran for Graham bee pollen can have as much as 50 times more protein than beef really which is what amazing so if you really want a protein that's not animal-based you can add it to salads smoothies juices oatmeal cereal it's crunchy on a salad it's a little bit crunchy to add a little punch helps with the immune system relieve allergies the list goes on and on it's a healthy crouton okay so we're learning what are some superfoods that we can do without that aren't necessarily as healthy so I am the bearer of bad news but we're seeing a downward trend on coconut products mainly because they're so high in saturated fats 11 grams in just one tablespoon oh wow which is we need 10% total effects so two tablespoons of this you're already maxed out so instead of this use olive oil okay so olive oil / coconut oil yeah finally coconut oil stills amazing for your skin and your hair we're talking about injustice okay okay and then wheatgrass there's lots of great things with the wheatgrass and wheatgrass followers do not miss our daily shot with so many side effects headaches nausea digest officially so instead eat really dark leafy greens like kale and spinach easy fat this is your second time here come back and I'm gonna sprinkle that on my dinner table make sure you guys again check out the korrina method rule book it's on our website right there the korrina method dot-com

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