E-mobility: Is India's future electric? – BBC News

  • Govt is putting ban on CNG bus & auto replace them wit EV. Diesel emits pollution not CNG. I thnk their basics r wrong jst unnecessarily making trouble fr evry1. Only EV personal cars r ok. Jst thnk of a taxi driver who can fill his car instantly & earn more. & biofuel can solve pollution prblm

  • Dear BBC,
    Please leave Melissa Kapoor to talk about India you know nothing about India.
    Which Britisher knows more about India?
    1) Melissa Kapoor: Like
    2) BBC: Comment

  • How about India build 600 million TOILETS first? Something they actually need badly.

    Priorities people.

  • 1.5% economic growth rate sucks doesn’t it? 108% debt? How did you idiots get that desperate?
    Just be an America’s lap dog like you’ve always been.
    We should ban BBC and al jihadi.

  • Where is the charging infra.
    Where is the uninterrupted electric supply.
    It's only supplements oil pollution for coal pollution.

  • Well done India, Great Ambition. Hopefully next Time this Program will discuss Quality Renewable Underground Rail.


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  • Who cares.Drain the BBC Swamp.Parasites chargjng 75 year olds to watch their fake news and propaganda.Ban the TV Licence.Don't pay to watch fake crap and propaganda.

  • Hi .All the electric vehicles are using lithum batteries. But do you know " cobalt "is needed to make this battery. Do you know major cobalt comes from "Congo". Where child labour is involved in mining. Why no one is talking about this .It's a shame we are shifting pollution to child labour.

    Check this link :
    Do talk on this …….

  • BBC – Bharatiya Broadcasting Corporation. There you brexiteers!! So much for taking back control of your country. LOL

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