Dynamite Entertainment IGNORES TWITTER and Sells OVER 100K Comic Books!

[Applause] dear comic book industry if you actually want to sell books to paying customers stop listening to Twitter dynamite entertainment confirmed with bleeding cool that Vampirella number one has sold 130,000 copies that is crazy crazy good in today's market that's absolutely gonna put Vampirella in the top 10 most order books from diamond– and whatever month this comes out I guess was August I'm sorry July comes out July 17th so this is coming from bleeding cool this is interesting because bleeding cool was I think trying to tank orders on on Vampirella by associating Ethan Van Sciver with dynamite entertainment talking about cyber frog in Vampirella and trying to sort of I think poison the well a little bit because bleeding cool does not like Ethan Van Sciver very much and you know it continued on Twitter with Christopher priest being attacked by Newsarama because he he god forbid said that there were only two genders he is a minister he said there were two genders and it was an offhanded remark it was not meant to belittle anybody and then we had other comic-book professionals attacking Dynamite Entertainment saying that they're recording alright groups right so the comic book industry the comic book hive mind I can't even call these people the comic book industry but the Fringe actors in the comic book industry the loud mouths on Twitter we're trying to tank Vampirella from the very beginning because of who was working on it and lo behold they've sold 130,000 books so we're gonna get into this this is coming from rich Johnston I did have to block the ads on your site rich because I don't want to get a virus and bleeding cool has a lot of really questionable ads so I don't know if a subscription boxes are involved yet because a lot of times comic book numbers are inflated because of subscription boxes or if mysterious comic conventions are buying 100,000 copies to get a headline this is true too there was a I think it was Netflix tie-in apparently there was something going on there with that so dynamite aren't returning emails on that subject that they have announced that the upcoming Vampirella number one by Christopher price has pre-orders of 130,000 they do say that this number includes all orders through diamonds specialty retailers and creative creative exclusive covers I think they're trying to say advance skiver bought a whole bunch of Vampirella comics or something but that's not actually what happened they have a breakdown from dynamite below so it marks the highest for a full-price comic and Dynamite's 15 year history making this the best-selling Vampirella comic book of all time dynamite did make the first issue returnable for retailers that's a huge thing and we'll be doing the same for the second issue which allows retailers to order high without risk and also included awesome other covers this is not enough to explain such a high number gosh bleeding cool doesn't understand this they don't understand that if you give the customers what they want a lot of times they will support your company and they don't seem to understand that right now this comics gate thing is is actually a lot bigger than they think it is it's a lot bigger than they think it is they keep trying to diminish it and say that it's just a handful of really loud far-right fringe type people who are comic skate but you look at the numbers of the campaigns you look at the dance Khyber's you know what's he done over a million dollars now on cyber frog you look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars you know doug tennapel is doing on earthworm jim you look at the you know what was it a half a million dollars that the infamous Richard C Meyer did on jawbreakers and you look at the numbers before Vampirella number one and you tell me you tell me that this is a vocal minority because I think that there are a lot more people on board with what the fringes on Twitter want to call Comics Gate then they want to admit then what these blogs want to admit okay this is this is the mainstream comic book middle America comic book buying audience saying yes we want books like this we want to support companies like this so here we go here's Dave from Nick I think it's Nick marooch II from dime entertainment he's provided a breakdown of the numbers one subscription box company bought an exclusive in their order was under two thousand units so that's not where it came from this is not a situation where we sold a hundred thousand copies to one account either okay so they're not juggling the numbers these actually sold to retailers and fans it's a nice mix a lot of modest and medium orders it also has a nice mix of different retailers and creators who had faith to fit Vampirella into their promotions most orders were in the 1,000 you arranged between creators who purchased a thousand three thousand units each it's a strong mix so thanks Kyra did not go out and buy 50 to 100,000 copies a Vampirella to make it look more successful than it was he might have bought a thousand two thousand three thousand units um there were almost nine 90,000 through diamond that is yo Marvel would be envious modern Marvel would be envious of these numbers there were almost 90,000 through diamond with a breakdown being 70 thousand standard orders through diamond that are available to all retailers diamond also sold another 20,000 in exclusives hence the 90,000 units and the other 40,000 orders were as stated above mostly mostly one thousand units to two thousand unit orders with the exception of three orders to creators who purchase five thousand plus units and one retailer and the five thousand range the numbers may climb as we're still finalizing until tomorrow afternoon so this is not a case of them juggling the numbers they actually sold 130,000 copies of Vampirella number one by Christopher priest a dynamite despite despite the screeching on the internet despite all the screeching on the internet it actually encouraged it encouraged people to vote with their wallets encouraged retailers to to buy this book I really think that's what's going on this is the retailers this is the the middle America comic book buying audience saying these are the kinds of books the kinds of products and the kinds of publishers we want to support meanwhile you see IDW IDW is is being flushed down the toilet they had a good thing going and they got weirdly political their sales dropped off a cliff they're fighting to survive like IDW is holding on by their fingertips because they got really weird with politics now they're hiring you know Vox reporters to write their comic books they had the situation with Aubrey sitterson on a GI Joe a couple of years ago again all these weird politics coming into play IDW that have killed their sales but dynamite who believe are not put that crappy that crappy Rainbow Brite comic you know which they thankfully canceled dynamites like hey guys we're just gonna put out a good comic book and we're gonna put out solid comic book this is what the fans want and we're not gonna get political and look at this look at this we sold a ton of these comic books um we cannot express enough how appreciative we are for the support from fans retailers and support from retailers outside the direct market and talent who have created covers for their own sales says Nick brew Qi dynamite CEO and publisher we knew we had a great creative team on this title with the incredible Christopher priest being complimented by the lush art I think it's a gun gun dues or gun I can't even pronounce his name and I'm sorry eg the lush art of e G and breathtaking covers to match the 50th anniversary will only happen once so everything had to be perfect everyone from the creative team editorial and sales marketing worked hard together at all levels to make this a success it's incredibly gratifying to get such a welcoming response back and they also teased one of the greatest comic artists of all time will bow out with the Vampirella cover could it be Jorge Perez that would be really interesting again this like I don't know what else to say I mean you know I've done videos before on you know independent comic book creators who are making Marvel and DC look very very bad and the comic book media attacks these creators because they don't agree with the politics or the fact that these creators won't get involved in politics they just want to make indie comics and they're making hundreds of thousands of dollars there they're killing it but you're not going to hear about it they did cover Doug today 'pls earthworm jim campaign which is it like three hundred and some thousand dollars right now but they made sure that you knew Doug today was an all awful person you know that should have no bearing on how well his comic books sold and if you're really interested just in numbers there are people out there pulling ridiculously good numbers on comics but you're not hearing about because they're not part of this this inner circle this cabal of comic-book blogs and tastemakers and fringes who are trying to you know get these companies to to pull creatives off of books because they may or may not have said something they like on Twitter you know it's absolutely ridiculous but yeah I did retweet this from like Northcott earlier today and I agree with this ignore the 13 shrieking critics and that's that's really all it is there's not very many people and they're mostly on Twitter they're quarantined to Twitter and like IDW and you know possibly you know lion forge which now had to merge with Oni just to survive you know listen to 130,000 customers it's a wake up call the same crazies who protested Vampirella number one will try to derail something new tomorrow that's true you know you'll never make them happy but ignoring them paid off and that's just it I mean that is it that is it um at the end of the day the comic book industry worried too much about what people on Twitter and Tumblr thought and you shouldn't do that because these people are not interested in making money they're not interested in making money they're interested in causing drama and using the comic book platform you know blogs etc to push political agendas they're not interested in the financial health of the comic book industry and if you're interested in actually making a living in comics why would you listen to these people they don't have the industries they don't have the industry's best interests in mind they don't have your best interests in mind they want to tank the comic book industry and then they'll just move on to something else right because it's all about politics it's all about activism and there's a time and a place for that but when you're trying to keep a business going you know sometimes you got to separate your personal opinions from your your business persona and just just move books so there is a comic book industry for everybody everybody and that includes the people you don't agree with right if you you're self want to work in comics then you're probably gonna have to let people who you don't agree with also work in the comic-book industry but the goal for everybody the goal for everyone should be to see the comic-book industry pull out of this tailspin it's been in for years and be able to salvage something something from it and and for the the people who really want to make comics for a living who have the skill set to make comics for a living to be able to do that on you know and that that is a pretty good goal I think but again don't take advice from people who don't really care if the comic book industry lives or dies that they just want to use it as a platform I don't listen to Twitter you know I DW you could have pulled out two three years ago if you'd stopped hiring people who were activists before they were business minded people who had activism on their mind before money and they weren't interested in creating books that sold they were just interested in scoring some woke points on Twitter and Tumblr that's not a way to run a business so I DW will probably be gone within the next year to completely and Dynamite Entertainment is going to rise up I think I you know ninety thousand books even in diamond that's that's ridiculously good I think they actually have a future ahead of them companies like alterna have a future ahead of them some other companies they've actually you know done a 180 and been like yeah we got to get back to selling comics get in the business of selling comic books they'll probably be fine because there's always going to be a market for comic books in the collectors market you know with with certain people that just want a quality product without the politics IDW is going to be toast I think Oney and Lion Forge I think they're probably going to be toast too they had to keep the merge just to survive I think we're gonna see some other casualties as the direct market continues to shrink and now the graphic novel market is not going to be doing so well either with bookstores closing and all that stuff going on you know so it's it's it's gonna be interesting to watch what happens to comics but I think the people who are business minded first who actually want to create comics and sell comics and sell comics to the the most amount of people that they can they're gonna be the ones who survive this shakedown hey guys thanks for watching clownfish TV please consider supporting the channel go to clownfish support commnets clownfish support calm and if you want to join our community go to clownfish talk calm that's clownfish talk calm please subscribe ring the bell for notifications we will talk to you next time

  • Ethan's variant isn't for Vampirella #1. It's for a Vampirella vs Re-Animator #1 book. Not the same issue. So this Vampirella #1 sale number is wholly separate from anything with Ethan.

  • let's see what happens with issues 4 and 5 of vampirella see what kind of numbers that has. If they are top 10, that's definitely going to say something

  • The problem is that the people at the top are like-minded with their talent. That is why they are tanking. They don't realize that "socialistic thinking" does not work in a Capitalist system when the bottom line matters more than their "wokeness."

  • People getting faux offended at something usually just result in it getting more exposure. Nier Automata, best selling Nier game. Dragon's Crown, best selling Vanillaware game. Hatred, a mediocre game with nothing going for it but sold very well due to people throwing a fit about it and giving it exposure it didn't deserve. That weird pick up artist live action dating sim-esk game got a sequel confirmed like weeks after the first game came out and there's no way it would've sold more than to just youtubers if not for it being banned from PS4 and people whining about it [and from what I've seen of the game there's nothing to complain about, you act like a tool and the girl slaps you so…].

  • I don't care what all the those NPC says.. There are ONLY two genders Male and female. People belong to either of those.. EVEN if they chose to get surgery correction to chance your still either male or Female.

  • Twitter people don't buy anything they just complain until they get there way and at the end they still don't buy it because they don't have the money

  • Wait a female character is selling extremely well. She is awesome. Doesn't that mean comic book fans aren't sexist

  • I taught that they support female image in entertainment?
    I remember that if don't punch the SJW agenda is fashist for them.

  • Thinking there are only 2 genders makes you alt right? I thought it made you a normal human being.

  • "courting alt-right groups" = Supplying the customers' needs. It's business 101. You don't choose your customers, you're not their friend, you're a vendor; your relationship begins and ends at exchange of goods for money. You don't give the customers what you think they ought to want; You're not their mother, you're not trying to make them eat their vegetables because they're good for them.. you're a vendor, you give them what they want, and they give you money.

  • I am supporting the Sheena comic from Dynamite, just waiting for the next season to come around.

    Good to know that Vampirella is doing well and Dynamite is getting money that they worked hard for.

  • I don't follow vampirella (too steamy for me).
    But yes I Support these kinds of comics where the artist/writer focus on the good story/characters WITHOUT restriction and political influences.
    Marvel killed the comic book industry by inserting their political influence in it. Comics are used to be emotional, extreme, story driven. But now all we see are SJW propaganda that ruins it to the point where I'm almost even sick and tired of the Top Marvel iconic characters such as ironman, spiderman, captain america, etc cause their world (MCU) has already STUNK SO BAD of SJW characters (Cough-captainmarvel-Cough!).

  • Although since the comics are returnable some of those sales might go down if the comics don’t sell, I’d rather see the final sales numbers. At this point the numbers mainly indicate that stores are willing to take a chance on stocking comics if it’s risk-free for them, which IMO is a good thing. But I hope Vampirella does well and I agree with the sentiment of the video: Creators, don’t listen to people who don’t buy your products and don’t care if you live or die.

  • Chris Priest, Vampirella, the fans, the customers, the retailers, making more money, ignore twitter. Any questions to why this is working for dynamite entertainment now? Also, does this mean that dynamite is finally realizing whats more important?

  • There is confusion because people use the word "gender" to mean different things. Genetically, there are only two genders. Either you have a "Y" chromosome or you don't. In terms of how people see themselves, there can be myriads of genders. If people would take the time to express themselves more clearly there would be fewer arguments.

    So which studio will come out with the Vampirella Cinematic Extended Universe? 🙂

  • Good for Dynamite! Now they just need to work on being consistent. I just bailed on a 'Nancy Drew; comic from them that felt like it was using a Diversity and Comics video as a how-to guide. And Gail Simone's 'Red Sonja'……is insulting to the name Red Sonja. But hopefully these sales numbers will send them a message that they will actually listen to…

  • I put it on my pull list as soon as I saw the free comic book day issue. I actually got the last copy of the free comic at my shop.

  • … but there are only two genders. It doesn’t matter how off-handed the comment was, it’s fact. There are many personalities, but two genders.

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