Dwyer 7-26-19 On Protecting Oscar Rivas // Awaiting Dillian Whyte's B Sample

is the wire it's July the 26th 2019 let's talk dylan white right what i want people to do and what I want boxing to do is to think carefully about its handling of this situation because in my opinion already mistakes have been made now let's be clear you have an a sample and you have a B sample on a drug test right you're not legally guilty until you fail the B sample in other words we're gonna presume that you're innocent we're gonna presume that the first result is not reliable until we receive confirmation on the second result so the way boxing has done it now is that a guy like Dylan white give me one second a guy like Dylan white was able to fail the a sample according to reports right they were metabolites for a very powerful steroid Dianabol right very powerful steroid apparently in Dylan White's sample right so bail out him to fight he's presumed innocent until they test the B sample boxing's got to get it right that's got to change because here's what happened according to boxrec calm they didn't tell his unbeaten opponent Oscar Revis right folks Oscar Revis might be a father might be somebody's husband might be somebody's son might be somebody's brother don't you think the one person on the planet who deserve to know that Dylan white had failed his a sample should have been his upon right Oscar Rivas like every boxer is risking their lives entering the ring you're risking your life even that much more if your opponent is taking performance-enhancing drugs and I'm just telling you again Diana bowl is a major steroid right major so just the risk involved in stepping in the ring with a hopped-up juice tough possibly opponent should have required boxing authorities to tell Oscar Rivas player look your opponent might be juiced up on Diana ball here right he failed his a sad book now if box rank is right and Revis wasn't told then I don't have the red cup or red flag that's big enough to throw it box it that would be a tragedy that would be a travesty right everyone around you knows that your opponent failed a pre fight drug test and might be juiced up and no one's telling you you mean you don't have the opportunity at that point to say look player I got bills to pay this sport is dangerous enough without my opponent possibly juicing on Diana ball so boxing I'm just edging them here I'm using this public platform needs to get this right at a minimum going forward people who are fighting someone who has failed the a sample of their drug tests need to be advised right quite frankly they need to have the option of saying look I'm not fighting some guy who may have taken performance-enhancing drugs I'm not fighting a guy's failed as a sample right thing regimen needs to be changed so at least we could get some kind of preliminary reading on the B sample so that the opponent the Oscar Rivas is going forward have proper information about whether or not their opponent has passed the pre-fight drug test we shouldn't be here guessing about it after the fight let me also say this you know if that B sample comes back positive then boxing needs to do the right thing Oscar Remus was unbeaten entering the ring right unbeaten by the way in the fight has anyone noticed that he knocked down Dylan white in other words if Dylan white was hopped up on peds not even that unfair advantage was enough to keep him on his feet for 12 rounds well the point I'm making here is please boxing needs to just have this be understood if the guy you're fighting fails both the a and beat side of his drug test your alleged loss to him should be wiped off you shouldn't lose an unbeaten record because your opponent was on peds right that simply shouldn't happen no I've been here online and Bill and wide is going around saying hey they allowed me to fight and so I won that fight fair and square let's stop kidding ourselves red flag on this very weak PR campaign by Dylan white while we're waiting for his B sample right understand just like people in the real world right killers who you have a bunch of evidence I aren't legally guilty until they're found to be guilty at trial or they enter a guilty plea right you can have DNA evidence on the guy you can have you know film on the guy you can have eyewitness testimony I went to says hey I saw him kill that man right well let's face it in the real world right the accused is innocent until proven guilty so it's ridiculous for an accused as we're waiting the be sample as we're waiting the proof it's ridiculous for that accused to say hey I'm innocent and I won this fight fair and square before his beef samples even tested after he failed is a sample so Dylan White's comments to the media about winning the fight fair and square shouldn't be given any credibility none whatsoever if that B sample comes back positive quite frankly the fight needs to be expunged it needs to be wiped off the books otherwise it's just gonna be too messy you're gonna say you know Oscar Rivas is unbeaten against people who haven't failed drug tests right let's make the promoters job easier than that let's just say Oscar Rivas is unbeaten right that's if Dylan White's B sample comes back positive right the argument should simply be this fight didn't happen right Dylan white who criticized other fighters right for having therapeutic exemptions and pretty much told the press that he thought a champion was juicing right a ban heavyweight champion was juicing right if Dylan white is found to have juiced the British boxing commission can do with him whatever they want because this guy would have been the ultimate hypocrite right a guy going around in public accusing others of juicing while juicing himself right let's just let's just be as blunt as possible right so to sum up really Oscar Revis is the story here I've made sure the thumbnail of this video is Oscar Revis because he's the guy who was put at risk possibly by his opponents juicing right he's the guy who showed up in the ring right he passed his drug test he's the guy who showed up at a disadvantage because his opponent hadn't passed his drug test he should have been told that beforehand worse yet he should have been given the option of backing out of the fight let me say maybe we need a new form of insurance so if there's a cancellation because the guy has been juicing and let's face it we have an epidemic right now that heavy weight don't wait right less than a year ago Anthony Joshua was supposed to fight Gerald Miller who failed multiple drug tests according to reports now you mean to tell me within a year a mandatory contender has already failed an a sample let me just say this to look into Dylan White's background he failed a drug test before according to reports so in this failed drug test in firon myth and let me just say also I don't want to hear about tainted meat I know that excuse with used in another weight class to gloss over a failed drug test I don't hear about tainted meat and stuff like that right if Dylan white fails the B sample Oscar Remus should still be an unbeaten fighter this fight shouldn't count that's how I see it let me hear from you I hope you leave your comments in the comment section of this video right if Dillon white fails that be sample Wow his career could be over right could be over let me hear from you I look forward to your comments thanks for stopping by

  • Dwyer, always appreciate your take. Speak up more on UFC issues / matchups too like you correctly did with Amanda Nunes.

  • I'm pretty sure that Wilder's team play a somewhat major role in this affair. When Povetkin was about to fight Wilder, he failed a drug test for the first time in his entire career (and his career was huge)! Now Whyte is about to fight Wilder and, guess what, he fails a drug test…

  • We don't have enough information to comment fully on this.. you don't even know what the A sample popped for ?
    You have read a un confirmed report and have a whole case to protect Rivas haha.. you know there are rumours that Rivas failed a test ?
    He was cleared by the BBBoC.. until official sources release statements you need to pipe the fuk down.

  • Apparently the test was carried out on 17 July 2019 just 3 days prior to the fight. Basically, money talks. How can they cancel the show at such short notice on a Sky Sports Pay Per View show where 15,000 fans have bought tickets and hotels and thousands have bought the PPV?

  • Agreed. The process around this is FUBAR. Whatever happens though, you can be sure Whyte will continue his career after a few months if he wants to. See Exhibit Jarrell Miller who was close to signing to fighting Fury a few months after his failed test.

  • Not sticking up for dillian but you want dillian hanging Dwyer. But we're is that passion about Miller's joke punishment in america . TYSON fury another .wilders brother were was all that passion your showing now .don't get me wrong in this sport especially in my opinion 1st time 3years ban second time life end of.

  • Fair enough but questions ? ( 1 ) What about the purse split ? I mean what do you do about that ? ( 2 ) Does Dillian Whyte get
    to keep it ? ( 3 ) Can Oscar Rivas sue Eddy Hearn ? ( 4 ) Can Oscar sue the BBBofC ? ( 5 ) Should Dillian Whyte lose his #1
    mandatory position ? Canelo Alvarez didn't he just waited few months & fought.

  • A lot of indignation here in this vid and no query about standards and procedurals on ukad v's vada. Why did ukad clear him to fight? Why not wait for more info on this?

  • There’s a reason why vada bbboc let the fight go ahead, if he flat out failed it would of been stopped, there is more to the story

  • I look at Rivas and Whyte and your telling me whyte failed a test but Rivas passed one yeh?! 😂 Rivas is juiced to the gills

  • Waiting for all of the particulars to come out but Rivas should have been advised of the test result, the details of the proceedings and the ruling to sanction the bout. He should have been given full disclosure and the opportunity to make an informed decision.

    I don't believe everything I read these days, its an era of fake news but that is another issue. It is possible for tests to be contaminated or other mistakes to occur. They are administered by humans and 'human error' isn't a fallacy. The source of the reported failure was neither the testing agency or licensing body and that is another issue in and of itself.

    Not that it makes any of the other things permissible or is especially relevant but I feel Dillian was less effective, not more so on the night. He reportedly hadn't slept for two days after being informed of the result.

  • Am I the only person who is picking up on the lack of fuss made by team Rivas? To me , it says that they were in the loop because surely they would have kicked up a fuss by now if they were uncomfortable?

    Also , in a Hearn interview it seems to indicate that all the test findings ARE reported to several people inc team Rivas – 08.50m

  • He won't fail the B sample the UK will find away to fix this they let him fight knowing he was juiced up so what you think they gone do

  • Dillian whyte juiced
    Big dummy jumbotron head Miller juiced
    So we know AJ juiced he couldn't do it here In America that's why he got his ass beat

  • This might have been the first Dwyer video I've seen where the words "collapse" and "pocket" were not used…unless I missed it somewhere.

  • lets get it right-apparently-the SAMPLE taken contained TINY traces of the drug-so small it could NOT come from a tablet/injection etc-which suggests it came from a contaminated supplement-so fools should just stop with the B/S and wait!.

  • I red now 3 comments in a row that say: "They are all on PED!"
    They are trying to excuse Whyte's sin by accusing Rivas – without having evidence. that is wicked and that is also the reason why UKAD and Eddie Hearn fanboys suck.

  • @ Dwyer, you are right….. the UKAD system is VERY weird to say the least. they dont inform anybody of the positive drug test except the wrongdoer. that looks dirty to me, they risk the health of the boxers.

  • Why not just test both samples in separate labs if needs be to avoid these delays? Substances found in both – guilty. Substances found in one or neither – innocent!

  • I guess Eddie dont tell his fighters to take steroid.His job is to invest in venue set up and get fight on,not to pay to set it up and leap off a cliff for a business loss.Should not be in anyone hands,Should be standard SOP…I was not looking out Hearn Windshield.Was pretty bad for Oscar Rivas being done like that…No Honor.

  • Agreed that standard procedure should apply and need to wait on results of the B sample for Dillian.
    However, note that B sample testing negative (being clean) for UK boxers Tyson and Hughie Fury somehow did not lead to them being cleared. The result of Fury's win against Christian Hammer in 2015 was disqualified years later.

  • If Whyte Juiced for Rivas, there's no way in hell he wasn't on Juice vs Parker. I agree he should receive a fat ban maybe even for life since it's not the first time he would be caught dirty if the B samples comes up positive.

  • Dwyer, anti-doping policy is flawed from top to bottom. The truth is, it would be quite easy for Oscar Rivas to be doping and go unscathed.

  • y : Boxing Clever

    Team Rivas Member Details Gloves 

    Dwyer team whyte changes gloves without telling team Rivas as well according to team rivas

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