Durban creative skrr awards 2019

Oh [Laughter] hi guys welcome welcome to the welcome welcome [Applause] [Applause] best hip-hop album goes to drumroll low-key [Applause] Loki Loki so no respect for respect on my name is no keeper Oh airplane is under official your best hip-hop album – John with hey yo son i stake my mama son my pops pops cool my siblings are they in the squad squad we gonna make turkey what's up move three one we hear boy go to this real set it off games [Applause] [Applause] okay tip up and bam you're not there you're not alone anyway guys on to the next award the next yes [Applause] Windom of a Jew on China the next award Oh yo and I say for my screw screw niggas i got designs for you boys my niggas [Applause] I remember when Andy talked she was tried oh I know cutting too much but if you haven't about to miracles again share what's your name listen yo I am the mood when Ghani you know somach it that's what my mom they look like it's what I do watch Oman I embrace it I am basic what I am nigga imma wrong got this award but these ain't real niggas Shaka Zulu bruh why you got that fucking mug on your Facebook page hang yourself with that cow shit on your head motherfucker I do this on tiny I got no status it's what I do this trade point destroy I was born with this trip son I got the best girls in the game what I do all I do is shine soul I got time for that time for shine and trip thank y'all I love your turban oh three one


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