Duran Duran win Outstanding Contribution Award presented by Justin Timberlake | BRIT Awards 2004

and we come to the Brit Award for outstanding contribution to music this year it goes to a band that define the 80s during the past 20 years they sold tens of millions of records fallin apart formed other bands reformed and now they're touring to rave reviews let's take a look at a piece of musical history Oh don't say follow me and she blip blip blip place and now to present the or to Duran Duran here is the international man of the moment girls go crazy it's Justin Timberlake hi my name is Justin Timberlake and I'm here to present an award to a band that ruled the 80s they successfully married image music style performance and attitude they had it all at a time of music television was revolutionising the way bands gained exposure they led the pack with videos such as girls on film REO wild boys Duran Duran pushed the envelope and set the standard for imagination and creativity they took their own sound and went on to take over the world in a way that has since rarely been replicated their sound was unique but it was also well crafted pop crossing boundaries and genres they made pop cool and credible playing their own instruments and writing their own songs everyone and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are a fan of so it is my great honor and is the only reason that I came here tonight to present this honor for outstanding contribution to these guys and I can only hope that I'll still be cutting it as well as they do in 20 years time ladies and gentlemen get off your asses and give it up for the one the only Duran Duran okay the band you see on stage in front of you I was everything to this country and the great British music scene that we are such huge fans of we grew up here listening to and seeing live great bands and artists people who inspired us to create music of our own in an effort to be like them by presenting us with this award tonight you validate us you also honor us with a place alongside those who first inspired us so here we are five of us everyone in this room I melody people around the world watching on TV at the heart of it all is the music thank you there's a few people we need to thank that we want to thank by name Dave Ambrose signed us many years ago our producers Colin Thurston Alex Adkins Nile Rodgers and the late great Bernard Edwards and for our videos Russell mu k Erik Felner thank you guys we'd also like to thank all of the fans and supporters turn incredible 23 years give yourself a round of applause and to all our friends and families long-suffering families for picking us up when we're down and helping us through everything thank you very much we love you all I'd like to say a very special thanks to Warren Cuccurullo who brought us a lot of great music to this band and share this with you Warren and also to see aaaa who been working with us on the tour that we're going to be playing Britain in April this year we're very excited and finally to to David Rosen for putting this lineup back together and for went to Wendy leycester for keeping us all together thank you I think you said it all actually guys so thank you let's do some music thank you


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